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Modern, up-to-date SmoothCam preset created with gameplay in mind, and gameplay first, while still satisfying those with a love for cinematic shots, fast-paced combat, and exploration. Made for both keyboard/mouse and controller players.

Permissions and credits

SmoothCam - Octavian's Preset is a heavily-tweaked modification built on the revered SmoothCam, taking full advantage of the features the mod offers! Aimed towards both KB/M and controller players who prefer a somewhat taut and snappy (but still buttery smooth) over-the-shoulder style camera, this preset is focused on gameplay over anything else. It features dynamic camera offset and interpolation based on your actions and equipped weapon, as well as toggleable tweaked raycasting for ranged combat and incredibly smooth transitions between everything mentioned.

This was originally created with my own taste in mind, taking inspiration from AAA titles such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and the Witcher 3. I disliked the looser feel of most current camera mods and SmoothCam presets, often becoming disoriented—especially during combat—and struggling to perform basic gameplay actions, like picking up items, or having magic attacks go everywhere but where you aim. Part of this is due to the fact that I play with controller primarily, but the frustration was still more than present with keyboard and mouse. Hence the birth of Octavian's Preset! I consider it an overhaul of the vanilla third person camera, with a modern breath added.


◦ Modern third person camera suited for all playstyles

◦ Support for both Keyboard/Mouse and Controller

◦ Dynamic offset and interpolation for:
◦ Walking, running, sprinting, sneaking, swimming and standing still
◦ Equipped weapon type (melee, ranged, magic)
◦ Horseback and dragon riding
◦ Werewolf and Vampire Lord forms

◦ Smooth dynamic transitions 

◦ Tweaked raycasting and arrow prediction for ranged weapons (can be toggled)

◦ Shoulder-swapping with a chosen hotkey

Entirely configurable settings using MCM


Requires SmoothCam by mwilsnd. [ SKSE64, SkyUI, Address Library for SKSE Plugins ]
Strongly recommend 360 Movement Behavior SE and Combat Gameplay Overhaul SE by DServant.

  • Install using your preferred mod organizer (Vortex, MO2, NMM) or manually.
  • Launch Skyrim.
  • Access SmoothCam's MCM and scroll to 'Presets'.
  • Load 'Octavian's Preset' in the sixth preset slot.
  • Enjoy!

Note: If at any time your load order changes (this includes installing and uninstalling .esp or .esl files or plugins), your crosshair tends to disappear. This is just a bug with the almighty SmoothCam, and has a very easy fix. Simply load your last savegame, save again, then relaunch Skyrim.


◦ mwilsnd for the incredible camera overhaul SmoothCam. Octavian's Preset wouldn't be possible without you!
Koveich for the fonts used on the tin. Can be used in-game with the ever-popular Sovngarde - A Nordic Font.