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A Smoothcam preset suited for multiple playstyles tailored towards the Elder Scrolls class sytem

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Myriad is a Smoothcam preset designed to enhance 3rd person gameplay that supports different types of RPG classes. Whether you play a warrior, mage, archer, assassin, or spellsword, this preset takes advantage of Smoothcam's multiple features to suit your playstyle. It should be noted however that this preset was made with True Directional Movement in mind so its highly recommended.


  • 3rd Person Camera Angles suited for all playstyles
  • Arrow Prediction and Raycasting for ranged combat
  • Tweaked FOV settings when aiming with a bow while sneaking
  • Shoulder swapping with assigned hotkey
  • Fast and smooth transitions for quick responsiveness
  • Minimizes the looser camera feel so performing basic actions (eg. looting enemies) is easier
  • Horsebackriding, Vampire Lord, & Werewolf supported (Dragon riding in the future)


                                                                                          * Mods showcased in the video listed in the Description  
                                                REQUIREMENTS & INSTALLATION

Smoothcam and all its requirements (SKSE, SkyUI, Address Library for SKSE Plugins)

- While True Directional Movement isn't required, its highly recommended and overall better experience for 3rd person gameplay. Make sure latest version of Smoothcam (1.5) is installed for better compatibility
- Installation:
  1. Install with preferred mod manager (Mod Organizer, Vortex, Nexus Mod Manager)
  2. Launch Skyrim
  3. Select & Load Myriad Preset from Smoothcam's MCM's menu in the Preset category
  4. Profit and later for that gangsta bullshit

                                                            ADDITIONAL NOTES

- Recommended FOV Settings is 110
- Myriad Preset will be located in the 3rd slot
- Default Shoulder Swapping hotkey is the Scroll Wheel button (M3). You can assign a different key in the Following category under the Misc. section
- 3D Magic Crosshair is enabled but if your using True Directional Movement's lock-on system as a mage character, I'd recommend to disable the crosshair
- If you don't like the zoom-in feature when aiming the bow while sneaking, change the Sneaking FOV offset to 0 in the Bow Aiming category


mwilsnd for Smoothcam
Ershin for True Directional Movement
- OctavianMods, Verolevi, & KatJill for their presets that help me design Myriad