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No ESP no ESL file risk free mid play modding.
Easy to install. I am not animations author so go show animators some love!
Instructions where to send love and how to install below:

Permissions and credits
 ^^^^^^^^Requirements ^^^^^^^^



0.Check Requirements.
1.Download Dynamic Animation Replacer and add it with your mod manager.
2.Download Animated Armoury - New Weapons with animations SSE Version and add it with your mod manager

3.Download this mod and add it with your mod manager.
4.Put this mod AFTER Animated Armoury mod in higher priority.
5.This was tested using controller not a mouse.

Load order:
Animated armoury
New claw animations (It can not be below animated armoury mod)
Dynamic animation replacer (this most likely can be under in lower priority)

Will this change npc animations? - Yes
Why most animations triggered by right click/left controller trigger? - No idea, they were made for left hand most likely.

Will this make game harder? - Most likely
Why I don't have ninja run? - It was from Diverese Equipment Idle mod link in requirements tab.
What dodge mod are you using? - Ultimate dodge mod
What camera mod are you using? - SmoothCam mod
Where are these armors from? - Team Tal Bdor armour pack, Katarina armor, Nightshade armor.
Is it only for dual wield claws? - Yes, some animations work without.


Orakin 2020

Animated Armoury new weapons and animations

Dynamic Animation Replacer