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SKSE plugin-based physics extender allowing application of the bullet physics library's skinned mesh physics to actor models in Skyrim.

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by hydrogensaysHDT

HDT-SMP is an skse plugin allowing more advanced physics interactions to be applied to actors via configuration files. This plugin's original author, hydrogensaysHDT, has retired from Skyrim modding and released the source code for the plugin under a MIT license, allowing people to continue their work and update the plugin for future versions. This upload is an attempt to consolidate community fixes for the plugin under a single fork, which can be found here.


Install the mod as you would any other SKSE plugin using your mod manager of choice. Note that this plugin will not do anything on its own without a number of other mods installed. For details and more complicated installs, please see the other mod pages linked below.

Optional Addons

For body physics:

Other mods:


Changes listed are from the last release by hydrogensaysHDT.

  • support both "." and "," as decimal seperators in config files
  • properly remove tracked armors from physics world if the tracked skeleton isn't part of the active scene
  • write transforms during game pauses, fixes physics appearing to reset while game is paused
  • reset system on loading screens so there's no brief physics glitches when loading between areas
  • better pause logic based on reading pause state from menumanager, fixing issues with added menus that don't pause the game (Quick Loot)
  • add options for rotation clamping
  • filter skeletons to only attach to XPMSE "human" skeletons, fixes SMP breaking lurker skeleton and potentially some other things


Submit a pull request over on the github repository.


  • hydrogensaysHDT - original author
  • ousnius - fixes & updates

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