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Adds Genshin-inspired fantasy martial art armor set and weapons to Skyrim. Armor has SMP cloth physics enable and weapon has custom effect. The set come with unique summoning lesser power. Support only CBBE 3BA.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Mandarin
  • Korean
Please read the entire description to understand the mod before reporting any issue in the comment section

This was supposed to be a Speedrun project but I got sidetracked so it took like 2 months to complete

Rendered on Cycle

Voted by the discord, this mod adds a set of armor and weapon inspired by Shenhe from Genshin Impact. 
A fantasy martial art-sage armor reimagined from MiHoYo's iconic anime style to semi-realistic portray.
  Modelled with higher resolution polygon to accommodate bodysilde system.
4K textures for best visual quality

Support only CBBE 3BA (v2.3 or above) for now  

Warning: this mod features a high-end model with multiple 4K texture sets and multiple SMP heavy parts.
Result may varied on lower end PC

The outfit consisted of a body glove with layers upon layers of SMP clothes on top, along with a cosplay wig.

Outfit is broken up into multiple pieces, accompanied by zapp sliders for maximum customizability.

Top cape, winged sleeve, skirt, feather on headdress, hair, etc
like everything but the body glove have SMP cloth physics, even weapon has it

Skirt has complex SMP to SMP collision (experimental, not yet perfected) so the pendant collides with skirt

Hair can be adjusted via bodyslide and tint with racemenu hair color (follow your character's hair color)

Depending on your SMP setup, system CPU and many other variable, SMP may impact your game performance

Weapon, the titular Calamity Queller, features a polearm (battleaxe) with frost effect and SMP talisman. Using multilayer parallax to mimic ice/crystal shader.

Note: Top cape SMP is optimized for full SMP body setup. Result on CBPC is varied on my testing. I recommend you use full SMP for your body or build non-SMP version of the cape on bodysilde if you get any weird result
You may have to reequip the top when toggle from SMP to CBPC to have it work correctly


This mod also come with custom lesser power (press Z) that can be learnt from 'spell book'

Recreating Shene's elemental skill from Genshin, the lesser power lets you summon a Spring Spirit for 15 seconds for some mana cost (there's a sight delay between the activation and spirit spawning).

Basically, you can summon a Stan ゴ ゴ ゴ 

Bodyslide and Outfit Studio  -  To build the outfit
Acro's CBBE 3BA
Skinned Mesh Physics & XPMSSE  -  to make physics work
or use Faster SMP if you are on AE
Racemenu High Heels  -  to make shoes work

Make sure you have all the requirements for these mods as well. Make sure they are working first before using this mod

Always place any outfit mods after these in your load order

1) Install all the requirements and make sure they are up and running
2) Install via FOMOD with your mod manager of choice (MO2 is the correct answer)
3) Enable the mod on your load order
4) open bodyslide and select group
5) outfit is in the group [Caenarvon] Calamity Queller
6) Batch build with your favorite bodyslide preset and exit
7) The armor is ready for your gameplay


Use additem menu 


Via crafting The recipe can be found inside a Strange Comet, in the basement of Solitude's temple of the Divines
The door is locked and will open during and after the Wolf Queen Awakened quest

Inside contains the spear 'Calamity Queller', a spell book to learn summoning spell and a 'recipe book', having it in your inventory allow you to craft the armor set at the forge.

Q: Will there be anymore Genshin costume?
A: Mayhaps

Q: Sleeve and skirt stretch down on the ground, broken physics broken mod xdd.
A: You did not install SMP correctly. Follow the instruction on SMP mod page closely.

Q: I did a supercool anime summersault strike and dress got stuck in body parts, help!
A: reequip to reset physics, also try doing anime summersault irl while wearing a dress and see how it goes.

In fact, if smp behaves weirdly, reequipping or use smp reset console is your best bet

Q: Does this mod work on AE?
A: should be if you use AE-compatible SMP.



Special Thanks to Chaos

for helping with weapon SMP scripting and making the custom spell
Check his awesome mods out if you're looking to turn Skyrim into DMC

jg1 for special frost weapon effect

and my testers for baring with me with this project.

Modelled on MD and Blender, painted on substance painter, rendered on Blender.

Screenshots taken at Halo's Vignette and AlterNative's Timeless
PiCho ENB 

Please consider following me on social media or join my discord or support me via Patreon if you enjoyed my work