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Yue Qingshu silk armor from Sword and Fairy (Chinese Paladin) ported to SE for CBBE 3BA and BHUNP with custom hdt-SMP cloth physics. Includes weapon and extra texture set. Craftable and balanced with glass armor stats. Posted with permission and blessing from original asset author.

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  • Korean
Please read the mod requirement and follow the instruction below

Thank you Kanbara914 for allowing me to work on this awesome armor


Skyrim Special Edition port of Yue Qingshu silk armor.
The armor was wore by Yue Qingshu, the heroine of the Sword and Fairy or Chinese Paladin 7 Demo.

Bodyslides are made only for Baka's BHUNP and Acro's CBBE 3BA (does not support TBD, UUNP, CBBE physics or CBBE SMP)
Semi-lorefriendy, glass armor stat for game play.


The armor has hdt-SMP cloth physics. Non-SMP option is included.
Hair, skirt and sleeves are SMP enable.
Shoes use Racemenu highheel system

Support bodies: BakaFactory's BHUNP or Acro's CBBE 3BA

Caution: SMP cloth physic is optimized for gameplay and combat. It won't withstand some screenshot poses, there will be clipping and weird behavior when pushed. Please keep it in mind 

5 texture sets and weapons to match each one are also included:
Imperial, Blood, Sakura and Celestial

(These alternate textures are edited from the original by Caenarvon)


1) Bodyslide and Outfit Studio  -  To build the outfit
2) BakaFactory's BHUNP or Acro's CBBE 3BA
3) Skinned Mesh Physics XPMSSE  -  To make physics work
4) Racemenu High Heels  -  to make shoes work

Always place any outfit mods after these in your load order


1) Install all the requirements and make sure they are up and running
2) Unpack the zip file with your mod manager of choice (MO2 is the correct answer)
3) Enable the mod in your load order
4) open bodyslide and select group
5) outfit is in the group [Caenarvon] Yue Qingshu
6) Batch build with your favorite bodyslide preset and exit
7) The armor is ready for your gameplay

To get this armor in game: Either use additem menu or craft at the forge (use glass armor materials)


Mesh and texture porting, alternate texture retouch, SMP cloth and hair, esp editing and Bodyslide conversions were done by Caenarvon

Special thanks to: em486 for helping with the xml, immyneedscake and everyone who helped me along the way
The power of Discord democracy
And Kanbara914 for awesome asset and permission

Screenshots were taken at New Hangzhou location mod
Silent Horizon ENB

This port was voted by members of the Mikoshi, my discord server
If you would like to see my work, contact me or vote on my next port, feels free to join. Everyone is welcome and can vote regardless of who you are


From the verge getting taken down to a hot mod, it's been a real journey.
Thank you for all your support