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For ritual or war, from Druids to Warriors, this collection includes something for every character. Niohoggr is a small set of Celtic and Nordic themed assets. Two axes, a staff, an armor set, horns, and a follower. Companion to my Niohoggr Warpaints mod.

Permissions and credits
For ritual or war, from Druids to Warriors, this collection includes something for every character. Niohoggr is a small set of Celtic and Nordic themed assets.

1. Skyrim
2. Bodyslide or Dimonized UNP
3. HDT-SMP (Optional. Only for skirt physics)

1. Unzip and drop into the Skyrim data folder or install the .zip into your preferred mod manager
2. Enjoy in game!

    The included armor is designed for UNP. Not CBBE or UUNP or any other incompatible body type or Bodyslide. Other than that, it should work with everything.
    Q: How do I acquire the items in game?
: Armor and Axes: The armor and weapons can be crafted at the forge. You will need the Steel Smithing perk.
Circlet and Horns: The circlet and horns (aka Niohoggr) can also be crafted at the forge. Steel Smithing perk required.
Staff: The staff can only be acquired by removing it from Morrigan's inventory.
Morrigan Follower: You can find her in the Old Hroldan Inn.

    Q: Color Options?
    A: You will find four additional color options in the optional downloads. These replace the main color of the sleeve and skirt for the Morrigan Outfit. Only download one! They overwrite the main textures. The options are: Black, Blue, Green, and Red. See screenshots for how they look.

    Q: What does Morrigan do?
    A:  Morrigan is just a standard follower. However, she does have a spell that summons a spectral clone of herself. This is in reference her sisters in The Morrigan's Pagan/Celtic lore. I've found she only occasionally casts it though. You can add the spell to your own inventory using the console: Help "Conjure The Morrigan" to complete the trio, if you desire.

    Q: Where is Morrigan's cape?
    A: It looked horrible, so I cut it from the final release. But I still like some of the screenshots that had it, so yeah.

    Q: Morrigan's face is messed up!
    A: My mistake. Another user, Canlocu, pointed out the problem to me. I updated the main file to work now. if you downloaded the old version, simply redownload the main file.

    Q: What body type is the armor for?
    A: UNP only.

    Q: Why isn't this armor for UUNP or CBBE?
    A: I don't like using bodyslide.

    Q: Can I convert it to UUNP or CBBE?
    A: Of course! You are free to convert it and release the conversion. Just let me know when you do so I can link it on this page.

Check out the companion mod to this mod:

Credits and Thanks:
    KSHairdos for Morrigan's Hair:
    SGTextures for Morrigan's Skin:
    Eyes of Aber for Morrigan's Eyes:
    Bethesda for Skyrim
    Blender for the fantastic program
    GIMP for their free photo editor
    Paint.NET for having better compressing options than GIMP
    Substance Painter for the fantastic texturing software
    HUMUS for their cubemap base
    Everyone who read my stories. I have learned so much since I first started in October 2016, I couldn't have made it without you guys.

    Do NOT upload this anywhere without permission.
    NONE of this mod's assets can be used in paid mods.
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