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Zeridian - Rosent

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Patches that add HDT-SMP enabled physics to popular cloak/cape mods for Skyrim SE.

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  • Polish
Artesian Cloaks of Skyrim
 HDT-SMP Physics for Cloak Mods!

BEHOLD...patches that add HDT-SMP enabled physics to your favorite cloak and cape mods for Skyrim SE.
It's about time right? Well, I made this for myself and just thought why not share it with you folks.

This mod requires

Supported Mods

*Partial support
- Warning -
This mod is a replacer, so will effect every cloak and cape for the mod you select.

It can potentially hit your FPS hard depending on your hardware, mods, configuration,
and the number of NPC's in your loaded cells wearing physics-enabled clothing.

Some people may have no noticeable impact on their performance at all. It depends.
HDT-SMP is still an alpha software, and may still have many performance fixes yet to come.


Requirements & Installation
  1.  Install SKSE64
  2.  Install HDT SSE Framework  -  optionally, install the SKSE64 fix from that page as well
  3.  Install HDT-SMP SSE
  4.  Install the required mod(s) for your desired SMP patch(es)
  5.  Download the main FOMOD or your pick of individual patches with NMM/MO2/Vortex; no support for manual install
  6.  Install with your mod manager; overwrite or override all

If you do not already have SMP installed, and you need help doing so, you can watch this video from Tooneyman:

There will not be further support from me in terms of installing HDT-SMP.
Be sure to check out Tooneyman's port of Resplendent Armor and Greatsword SE!

Notes / Known Issues
- Dragon Priest cloaks from Cloaks of Skyrim do not have physics applied.

- Some clipping issues are certain armors. It could be improved but probably won't ever be perfect.
- HDT-SMP itself has a bug in its current version that causes an unusual (beyond normal for this mod) FPS drop; changing cells can stop whichever mesh is being the troublemaker. I am not the author of HDT-SMP, so there is nothing I can do about that, we all just have to wait for HDT-SMP to update.

Possible To-Do's
- Get arm / leg collision working properly
- Improve flow movement to be more unique for certain types of Cloak
- Full-blown patches to fix problems of the original mods.

Let me know if there is anything truly broken, but no promises on substantial support though.
There's definitely improvements that could be made, but take it for what it is for now...


Bethesda & Zenimax
Nikinoodles & Nazenn
aronchack & FireOogle
Tooneyman - for the SMP installation tutorial
MistValkyrie - for the Sovngarde font and Ennead

The mod authors of the patched mods have given me permissions to release this or had patch permissions. You do not have permission to redistribute the art assets in these patches in any way due to the permissions being on a mod by mod basis UNLESS you check the original mod and contact the original author.

If they allow esp/esl/esm compatibility patches, then that permission applies here as well.