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Ysmir Egilvar - Skyforge

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Not a fantasy armor, just the clothes of a knight from the village

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After almost more than 6 months I was on hiatus, I decided to make another armor mod, because I had nothing to do.
To be honest I'm not really on hiatus, I'm looking for armor design inspiration by playing ESO, but because I'm an idiot, instead of getting Inspiration I'm busy grinding my character on ESO.

Finally I googled armor designs and got this.

CBBE 3BA Version

An armor mod for BHUNP 3BBB HDT-SMP, with the theme of a knight from the village, basically someone in charge of guarding the village, that's all

1. XP32 Maximum Sekeleton Extended
2. Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
3. Baka Haeun UNP (BHUNP)
5.RaceMenu HH (if you don't want your shoes buried in the ground)

If you already have all the Requirements.

Install this armor using Vortex or Mod Organizer 2
(Mod Organizer 2 will read the "CalienteTools" folder automatically)

maybe you can just use the manual method,

by extracting all the files in the Main File
into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition / Data
but in my opinion using Mod Manager is much easier
and even MO2 doesn't contaminate
your game data folder

after that,

1.Open Bodyslide
2. Check Build Morph
3. Hit batch build!
4. You will see the list 

5. Hit Build!

Q: how do i get this armor?
A: Look for suspicious barrels on Skyforge

Q: Can I Temper this Armor?
A: Yes, You only need Steel Ingot, Leather, Leather Strip and Barkeeper Clothes

Egilvar (My Self) Mod Author

Special Thanks to

factoryclosed BHUNP Author
Caliente Bodyslide and Outfit Studio Author

and I'm really grateful to Docteure
for showing me everything about Mod

also to my friends, who always provide support and appreciation, criticism and suggestions