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Monk_ide and Icecreamassassin

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A resource full of fantastic upper class furniture pieces by Monk_Ide and Icecreamassassin

Permissions and credits
This resource was originally created by Monk_ide and can be found HERE

I was given permission to take over this resource and make some updates to it, which I have. This package includes:

V2.1 update

- Fixed embedded sound issue with glass doors
- Included new double door trophy case

Fixes in V2:

- Fixed all micro seams
- Re-mapped UV's on several parts of most models
- Added additional content marked in green below
- Modified desk drawers to not be stuck behind the legs (aesthetics)


- 3 varied height book shelves
- 2 varied height heavy book cases
- 1 heavy book case with animated door for storage
- 2 chairs (one front accessible with arms and one front and side without)
- 2 dressers
- 2 Beds (one color variation on canopy)
- 1 night stand (static and drawer animated version)
- 1 Desk
- Hollow (no drawers) versions of the two dressers and desk with modular drawers that can be inserted into the model in the CK
- 1 multi purpose animated drawer set to width of the book cases
- 1 set of glass cabinet doors


All of these assets are free to use in any mod as long as credit is given to both myself (Icecreamassassin) and Monk_ide. If you wish to make modifications to these assets, you must contact Monk_ide for permission. The only asset free to modify as you like are the glass doors which I made.


Monk_ide for creating these awesome objects and for allowing me to clean them up and expand upon them. Also thanks to RonnieMagnum for communicating between us as there was a language barrier