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A small makeup upgrade (Female Only)

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******This mod is no longer being supported as I have moved over to managing the SKSE version of the mod****** 

~ Sakora's Makeup Kit ~

Please post your photo's!

12/28/18 - Sakora's Make Over Kit for SKSE64 has finally arrived!!!

I was tired of the basic makeup for Skyrim SE, this mod is standalone and does not require SKSE64 or RaceMenu (see Above link for those interested in the overlay kit for RaceMenu)

Originally the mod had bigger plans to add in new warpaints under the Dirt Category however I ran into issues with the tint layer not staying on the charachters face after loading the save file and occasionally when exiting an interior. Once there has been a release of SKSE64 and RaceMenu I will release on a new mod page. 

NOTE: For those who have been having issues with the makeup disappearing, try having this mod lower or last in your load order!

Update: V1.5 - Tweaked a few options, hoping it fixed the disappearing makeup bug!
Update: V1.4 - Now you can use all the racial morphs for your characters!
If you use AllRacesAllMorphs.esp you no longer need it; nor is the update dependent on AllRaceAllMorphs.esp

If you are wanting additional colors (more then what has been provided in the Extended Colors version which has already been patched with Expired6978 - Extended Slider Colors Plugin Patch Utility) use the Sakora's Makeup Kit - Natural Colors and then patch with Expired6978 - Extended Slider Colors Patcher Patcher Utility.


Important Changes in the Character Creation Menu:

  • Cheek Color = Contour (new tintmask)
  • Cheek Color Lower = Highlight (new tintmask)
  • Laugh Lines = Cheek Color (new tintmask)

Changes from Vanilla makeup: (Does not Override existing Vanilla textures)

  • Eyeshadow (new tintmask)

  • Lips (new tintmask)

  • Eyeliner (new tintmask)

For users who downloaded the v1.0 Version: Please manually remove any previous .esp installs for

  • Sakora's Make Up Kit v1.0 - Natural Colors.esp

  • Sakora's Make Up Kit v1.0 - Extended Colors.esp

With the new update adding in Update.esm as a master, and adding in the USSEP.esp changes I have renamed my .esp - my apologizes if this causes any trouble, please feel free to PM me and I can assist you.


Players Using R246 Presets:
Recommend using R246 Female Presets NRE [No Race Edit]

R246 Female Presets includes some makeup tint and hair colours. This will make the plugin conflict with Makeup Kit. Switching to the NRE version shouldn't cause any issues for your character (as long as she hasn't changed race, eg vampire). The worst that can happen is the tint colours get reset to vanilla, not a problem for a human character, but might cause dirty face bug if a vampire.

1. backup your current savegame
2. remove R246 Female Presets
3. install R246 Female Presets NRE
4. go in game to check everything looks ok
5. save the game, quit to desktop, go back in and confirm the new save looks ok
6. if all is good, install Makeup Kit
- Courtesy of R246


Install Instructions for Manual Installers:

  • Unzip
  • Place Sakora's Make Up Kit - Natural Colors.esp [or Sakora's Make Up Kit - Extended Colors.esp]  and/or applicable Patches in your Data Folder
  • Copy Textures Folder
  • Paste Textures Folder into Data Folder - click yes if promted (my mod does not override any vanilla textures, or other mod textures)

Uninstall for Manual users:

  • Delete the Sakora's Make Up Kit - Natural Colors.esp [or Sakora's Make Up Kit - Extended Colors.esp] and/or applicable Patches from the Data Folder
  • Delete File in Textures - Sakora's Makeover Kit (Data\textures\Sakora's Makeover Kit)


Thank you:

 45tg67se - Thank you for your beautiful screenshots and testing the larger version of this mod!
Shiva182 - Thank you for your help with TES5Edit and patch for ECCO
R246 - Thank you for your assistance with comparability for R246 Presets
Expired6978 - Thank you for your amazing work, and use of your Extended Slider Color's Plugin Patcher Utility