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THE ULTIMATE COLLECTOR MOD!!! This mod aims to add hundreds of unique items, weapons, and treasure to the province of Skyrim for players to find. These uniques can be kept in a players inventory, sold to a merchant for gold, or put on display in a players home as a trophy.

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clintmich & icecreamassassin

Skyrim Special Edition version can be found here: Skyrims Unique Treasures SE
As of June 5, 2022
New port for Xbox is now available! Get it here: Skyrims Unique Treasures Xbox

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New version 3.0 available! This new version contains all the added fixes, updates and additions of V2 and now with an added MCM menu!


If you are already using Skyrim Unique Treasures on your current save, simply load the game after installing the new version and console SETSTAGE aaaSUTItemFinderHandler 20 which will force fill the new master list for the checklist. Then simply use the MCM menu to configure your desired settings.

If you are not using SkyUI and MCM menus, simply open console and enter SETSTAGE aaaSUTItemFinderHandler 10

This will open the selection menu again at any time to set which mode you want; Full version has all non lore friendly items and all items can be freely taken, and notices of unique items are posted in the corner of the screen. Lore friendly has notices and freely obtainable items as well but only lore friendly items. Immersive version sets all items in homes and businesses as owned by NPCs and removes the unique item notices


If you are also using Legacy of the Dragonborn, you MUST delete the script DBM_QF_0SUTItemFinderHandler_0200F6F9.pex from your Legacy install script folder.

10/17/2016 Compatibility Note
A new Dual Sheath Redux (DSR) patch is available as of may (just found out about it). Check it out here: DSR Patch

Skyrim Unique Treasures offers 145 unique collectable treasures which can be found throughout the game in dungeons, homes,
special hidden or buried treasure chests or just lost and forgotten in hidden corners of the world. This mod gives a new feeling
of joy and accomplishment when discovering something new.

Here is a list of what you can discover! If you need clues on where they can be found, see the articles tab for spoiler info.

1. Collectible Arena Plate
2. Unique Banjo
3. Collectible Battlespire plate
4. Unique Bloody skull with Jewel eye
5. Collectible Bloodmoon Plate
6. Unique Bongo Drum
7. Unique Mini Cannon
8. Unique Carved Tusk Fragment
9. Unique Mysterious Skull
10.Unique Crown
11.Collectible Daggerfall Plate
12.Unique Dovakin Drum
13.Unique Gold flaggon
14.Unique Leviathan Emerald
15.Unique Leviathan Garnet
16.Unique Gemstone Pitcher
17.Unique Leviathan Ruby
18.Unique Leviathan Sapphire
19.Unique Leviathan Amethyst
20.Unique Copper Goblet
21.Unique Gold Model Ship
22.Unique Golden Candlestick
23.Unique Golden Tankard
24.Unique Invisible Daedra Head in a Jar
25.Unique Gold Bowl
26.Unique Gold Bowl2
27.Unique Solid Gold candlestick
28.Unique Gold Cup
29.Unique Gold Jug
30.Knights of the Nine Plate
31.Unique Gold bowl
32.Unique Golden DrinkingHorn
33.Unique Gold Fork
34.Unique Jeweled Horn
35.Unique Golden Warhorn
36.Unique Gemstone Goblet
37.Unique Jeweled Urn
38.Unique Gold Goblet
39.Unique Gold Jug2
40.Unique Gold Knife
41.Unique Gold Nugget
42.Unique Gold Plate
43.Unique Gold Plate
44.Unique Gold Pot
45.Unique Gold Pot2
46.Unique Gold Pot3
47.Unique 10 String Harp
48.Unique Gold Statue of Dibella
49.Unique Traditional Lute
50.Collectible Morrowind Plate
51.Unique Leviathan Morganite Stone
52.Collectible Oblivion Plate
53.Unique Pink Glowfly in a Jar
54.Unique Rainbow Butterfly in a Jar
55.Collectible Redguard Plate
56.Shivering Isles Plate
57.Unique Gold Human Hand
58.Collectible Skyrim Plate
59.Unique Gold Inkwell
60.Collectible Tribunal Plate
61.Unique Stinkbug in a Jar
62.Unique Golden Quill
63.Unique Flute
64.Unique Jeweled Headdress
65.Unique Leviathan Diamond
66.Unique Lovebug in aJar
67.Unique Genie Lamp
68.Unique Meteorite
69.Unique Alien Console
70.Unique Naginata Blade
71.Unique Giant Ichigo Sword
72.Unique Ninja-To Sword
73.Unique Scepter of Banishment
74.Unique Hook Swords
75.Unique Daedra Drink Alcohol
76.Unique Daedra Love Alcohol
77.Unique Dremora's Belt Alcohol
78.Unique Dremora Gold Alcohol
79.Unique Dremora Kiss Alcohol
80.Unique Daedra Blood alcohol
81.Unique Golden Apple
82.Unique Blood Soul Gem
83.Unique Tanzenite wine Glass
84.Unique Topaz Wine Glass
85.Unique Blue Emerald Skull
86.Unique Green Emerald Skull
87.Unique Ice Skull
88.Unique Pink Sapphire Skull
89.Unique Red Ruby Skull
90.Unique Hookah Pipe
91.Unique Emerald Wine Glass
92.Unique Crystal Skull
93.Unique Aquamarine Wine Glass
94.Unique Crystal Wine Glass
95.Unique Fire Opal Wine Glass
96.Unique Lime Emerald Wine glass
97.Unique Pink Sapphire Wine Glass
98.Unique Ruby Wine Glass
99.Unique Blue Sapphire wine Glass
100.Unique 20 String Harp Guitar
101.Unique Psaltry
102.Unique Recorder
103.Unique Cornamuse
104.Unique Upright Harp
105.Unique Pan flute
106.Unique Wabbajack Wand
107.Unique Mammoth Fire Staff
108.Unique Crystal Ball
109.Unique Ship in a Bottle1
110.Unique Ship in a Bottle2
111.Unique WorldStone
112.Unique Falmer Figurine
113.Unique Clavicus Vile Figurine
114.Unique Nocturnal Figurine
115.Unique Bear Figurine
116.Unique Bronze Dragon Figurine
117.Unique Frost Dragon Figurine
118.Unique Swamp Dragon Figurine
119.Unique Executioner one handed Waraxe
120.Unique Sabre Cat Figurine
121.Unique Sexy Beast Alcohol
122.Unique Oblivion Girl Alcohol
123.Unique Oblivion Dagger
124.Unique Guan Dao
125.Unique Executioner Great Axe
126.Unique Alduin Statue
127.Unique Cow Figurine
128.Unique Odahviing Statue
129.Unique Elk Figurine
130.Unique Hammered Copper Jug 3
131.Unique Hammered Copper Pot 3               
132.Unique Hammered Copper Pot 4
133.Unique Hammered Copper Pot 2
134.Unique Jade Dragon 1
135.Unique Jade Dragon 2
136.Unique Jade Dragon 3
137.Unique Jade Dragon 4
138.Unique Jade Dragon 5
139.Unique Jade Elder
140.Unique Jade Fighter 1
141.Unique Jade Fighter 2
142.Unique Jade Lady
143.Unique Jade Palace
144.Unique Jade Priest
145.Unique Jade Skull
146. Unique Sai
147. Unique Battlearm sword


This is an all-in-one package which self configures depending on your preference. Full version will include all items listed above as free to
grab items no matter where they are found and the game will notify you when one such item has been picked up. Lore friendly will do the same
but removes the non-lore friendly items such as ninja dolls, collector plates, etc. Immersive version will provide the lore friendly items but
removes all noticed when they are found and sets all items found inside homes and businesses as owned buy the owning NPC, thus your thief will
need to nimble up their fingers.

This choice pops up at the start of your game and can be re-assigned any time by consoling SETSTAGE aaaSUTItemFinderHandler 10 to bring the
menu up again. This merely resets ownership, resets notifications and enables or disables placed items depending on lore choice, but will not hide or add items already found.

A rare and powerful item indeed. Using this item in your inventory will give you a boon for a short time or bestow great riches, knowledge or
sustenance upon you every three days when you use it. But beware, the price of power may claim you in the end.

There are 20 unique, weathered metallic chests hidden throughout Skyrim, many of which are buried and awaiting your discovery!
Better bring a shovel or a pick. These chests contain a wide assortment of magical leveled gear, great wealth and often unique items!

Those using SkyUI can utilize a built in MCM menu to configure the following:

Lore friendly/Non-lore friendly: turn non-lore friendly items on or off
Notifications: Turn on or off the on screen notice when an item you pick up is from SUT
Ownership status: toggle if items found in homes and businesses are owned by that NPC or free to grab
Treasure hunt checklist: now all items are check off of a list as you find them, showing you what items you have left to find
(note: this process takes a few seconds to load the list, so be patient)

Option 1: Use Nexus Mod Manager or MO to install Skyrims Unique Treasures for you automatically

Option 2: Manually install by unzipping the compressed file, then placing the contents of the
Skyrims Unique Treasures folder into Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\Data directory

Then check off SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp in the Mods section when you first start your game.


Option 1: Use Nexus Mod Manager or MO to un-install automatically

Option 2: Manually remove the SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.bsa files located in the
Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim special edition\Data directory. 
Also remove SkyrimsUniqueTreasures.esp from that same directory.

clintmich - Mod Author
Icecreamassassin - V2 and V3 author and model designer
Kettlewitch - V2.0 model designer
RonnieMagnum - V2.0 model designer
Bethesda - For another great game and the Creation Kit
Gamers - For downloading, endorsing, and playing the mods I create. Thank You!
Blender Foundation - For an awesome free modeling program
GIMP - For an awesome free image manipulation program
Nifskope - For an awesome free 3D model editor
clintster74 - For help with beta testing
Bond123 - For help with beta testing
richardphat - For the Guan Dao model

And special thanks to Nexus Sites for the wonderful modding community they provide! Thank You!



In order to update from V1.4 it is highly recommended that you use the Skyrim Save Game Script Cleaning utility and delete all script instances and base scripts starting with aaa in their name. Also look for any script that starts with SUT and the 2 aGennie scripts. All of these should be removed as they are no longer needed and are not utilized in V2.0 If you need step by step help, see the article tab for detailed instructions.

Also you must delete the unique treasures mesh and textures folders as they are no longer needed and will interfere with v2.0

-Single mod file, no separate plugins for lore/non-lore, instead it's configurable in game.
-Configuration menu that launches when the mod loads for the first time which gives you three setup options:
1- Full version. All items including all non-lore friendly items are enabled. All items other than those owned by stores
can be picked up without theft.
2- Lore friendly version. All non-lore items are disabled. Items
like the stuffed ninja dolls, alien console, elder scrolls
collector plates, etc are not attainable in game.
3- Immersive version. Lore friendly items only with ownership
toggled to the owner of the cell they are found in (if in a private
cell such as a home) which will require you to steal some items.
Also disables the pop up notices that you found a unique item.
-12 new Jade statues by Icecreamassassin
-5 new creature statues by Icecreamassassin
-Cross compatibility integrated with Legacy of the Dragonborn so if you play
with Legacy and SUT, you won't end up with duplicate
items which Legacy already provides. No patch required.
-Redone textures on gold plates and bowls, and retextured gold jugs and pots as hammered copper instead for variety
-New weathered bronze look for the SUT chests. They still stand out as unique but are more immersive.
-Random loot and varried gold found in SUT chests along with more unique treasure items
-Better hidden chests. The SUT chests are now tucked a bit more away but can be
found right in the same general areas as before.
-Some SUT chests are burried and require a shovel or pick axe to dig up(with dragonborn
support for ancient nordic pickaxe included as well, no DLC required
however). This makes it more interesting, harder to find and makes more
sense when the chest is right behind someone's house or is right outside
a cave entrance. Some are still in plain sight but are much better
-All functions run off 3 scripts rather than every item being scripted. The difference is negligible from a player perspective but it
reduce overall script property load by quite a lot and makes it easier to manage in the future.
-Removed pairs of certain weapons because though they would be good used as a
pair, it's odd to have two of something that says it's unique.
-Added several previously non-implemented items such as the S.H.A.R.K weapon,
Sai, 4 additional pots/jugs and the miniature cannon.
- Reworked and remade weapon models based on Clintmich's original designs (by Kettlewitch, RonnieMagnum and Icecreamassassin)
- Re UV-mapped and retextured the wine glass collection

- Added the following 6 collectibles

* Sabre Cat Figurine
* Sexy Beast Alcohol
* Oblivion Girl Alcohol
* Oblivion Dagger
* Guan Dao Pole Arm Weapon
* Executioner Great Axe

- Fixed Chillfurrow Farm CTD
- Fixed Bronze Dragon Figurine CTD
- Fixed Bear Figurine CTD
- Fixed Clavicusvile Figurine CTD
- Fixed Falmer Statue Figurine CTD
- Fixed Crystal Ball CTD
- Fixed Ichigo Sword CTD
- Fixed wrong texture paths on the Worldstone
- Fixed wrong script attached to a Unique Alcohol
- Fixed wrong texture paths for the Wabbajack Wand
- Fixed spelling error in Bloody Skull
- Cleaned with TESVEdit

More updates are in the works which include, more treasures, a UNIQUE player home to display the Unique Treasures, and a fix for Unique weapons displayed in weapon racks.

- added the following 20 new collectibles & Weapons

* 20 string Harp Guitar
* Psaltry Instrument
* Recorder Flute Instrument
* Cornamuse Instrument
* Upright Harp Instrument
* Panflute Instrument
* Wabbajack Wand
* Mammoth Fire Staff
* Crystal Ball
* Ship in a Bottle
* Sailing ship in a Bottle
* Worldstone
* Falmer Figurine
* clavicus Vile Figurine
* Nocturnal Figurine
* Bear Figurine
* Bronze Dragon Figurine
* Frost Dragon Figurine
* Swamp Dragon figurine
* Executioner One Handed Waraxe

- Set all golden treasure chests to player owned
- Set Enchanted weapons to be fully charged on pickup
- Removed Dragon damage on Galaxy sword and replaced with Lightning damage
- Added a unique Ruby Troll skull treasure
- Added a unique Hookah Pipe treasure
- Added 10 Unique Wine Glasses(all made from precious stones)
- Added 5 Unique Crystal Human Skull collectibles(all made from precious stones)
- Added a Unique Ice Skull collectible(No,it won't melt)

- Adjusted all weapon attack Values to be more balanced
- Added the ability to sharpen the unique weapons at a grindstone
- Adjusted weapon prices(lowered them significantly in most cases)
- Added Blood Effects and Blood lighting to all weapons
- Fixed texture on Galaxy Sword(shows up fine now)
- Added new unique treasure, a golden apple(it's edible)
- Added new unique treasure, a Blood Soul Gem(not useable, it's a collectible)
- Adjusted all prices of unique treasures(lowered them significantly in most cases)
- Removed Collector Plates from the Lore friendly version(they are still available in the Non-Lore friendly version)