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Lore-friendly, multiple adoption compatible player home on Lake Ilinalta. Lots of storage, room for 6 kids (optional) and 1-8 followers. Optional gallery with displays for all unique items.

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Skyrim Special Edition version now available here!

Please read the entire description - it may not be very entertaining, but it is informative!

If you run into any issues, try moving this mod to the bottom (or almost bottom) of your load order before submitting a bug report.

Lake Haven is located on Lake Ilinalta, just southeast of Half-Moon Mill.  The property can be purchased for 10,000 gold by clicking on the For Sale sign near the front door.  Additional keys for followers can be found on the key rack inside.


Stable with room for 2 horses.

     - 20 Hearthfire planting soils - 9 outside and 11 in the basement alchemy area.

     - Optional guest house with a small kitchen and beds for 6 followers.  Guest house can be toggled on/off using the book on the barrel outside the
       front door.

     - Outdoor firepit (use the woodpile to turn on/off), an apiary and a dock.

     - 2 chickens and a cow - they are set to protected, so they won't get killed unless you want them dead.

     - Lots of storage - some custom/named, some generic.

     - 8 bookshelves.

     - All vanilla crafting stations, and a chopping block.  The chopping block is on the right side of the house, towards the back.

     - Disenchanting font - crafted items placed in the font will be stripped of any enchantments and smithing upgrades

     - All exterior lights turn on at night and off during the day.

     - You can click on the rug barrel in the master bedroom and the linen stacks in the closet to cycle through 3 color options for the rugs, bedding and
        tablecloths (blue, green or red)

     - You can click on the dining table centerpiece to serve dinner/clear the table.

     - All of the fireplaces can be toggled on/off using the nearby firewood piles.

     - Large kitchen with a bar and an oven.

     - Bathtub with working faucet and auto-strip for NPCs.

     - Optional kid's room with beds for 6 children. 

     - Upstairs guest room with space for one follower.

     - Optional follower's room in basement with space for one follower.

     - Hidden vampire coffin in basement.

     - Optional Gallery, with displays for all unique items.

     - Optional armory, with space to display all vanilla armor/weapon sets.

     - Cleaned with TESVEdit.


     - All optional rooms can be toggled on/off by clicking on the small painting near each room's doorway.

     - The disenchanting font only works with player-crafted items

     - USLEEP (or some version of the Unofficial Patches) is HIGHLY recommended.  While it's not a hard requirement for this mod, some things (like the
        master bed textures) will not look right without USLEEP installed.

     - You will need Hearthfire Multiple Adoptions by TMPhoenix to be able to move you wife/kids into the house.

     - You will need some type of follower mod (I use My Home is Your Home) to get your followers to live in the guest house.  You should also probably
        not deactivate the guest house if you have followers assigned there.

     - The automatic lights in the exterior may take 24 hours to activate properly.

     - If you are unable to place the Elder Scroll - Dragon, it's because of a Skyrim bug that causes you to have the wrong version of the scroll.  If this
        happens, you'll need to use the console to remove the incorrect scroll and add the correct one with these commands:
        <Player.removeitem 0002D513 1> 
        <Player.AddItem 030126DC 1>

     - The display activators in the gallery were either pulled from or created based off of those in skyrimlazz's Displays - Dragon Claw and others
        resource.  As noted on his mod's page, weapons and armor will lose their smithing upgrades when put in a display, so maybe don't put them in here
        until you're done using them.

     - The gallery is set up for the way I wanted to display my collection.  Some unique weapons and armor are meant for specific mannequins and
        weapon racks and therefore don't have activators.  Of course, you can put your stuff wherever you like, but I have included a list as an optional
        download for anyone who wants to see how everything fits, or who just wants a list of all the unique things to collect.  (The gallery is mostly the
        same as in Cliffside Cottage - I just rearranged a few weapon racks, added displays for a few more things and added some placement markers to
        show where things go.)

     - The house architecture uses the default Whiterun textures, so if you use any texture mods that affect Whiterun it may look slightly different in
        your game.

     - Screenshots were taken with NLVA, Skyrim HD - 2K Textures and basically every texture mod ever made by Gamwich.  The interior may be brighter
       or darker depending on your ENB and lighting mods.

Thank you DonProtein!

Thank you UltimateImmersion!


     skyrimlazz (for the scripts used for the gallery displays)
     M3rvin (for the light switch script and tutorial)
     Ac3s (for the auto-strip script and tutorial)
     Gamwich (for letting me use his Rustic Dinnerware textures)
     jasperthegnome  (for the static-switching script and tutorial)
     berticus0001 (for the For Sale sign and tutorial)
     1xmiha (for the rug changing script and instructions)
     jet4571 (for the building kit)
     XunAmarox  (for the disenchanting font script)
     TESA Skyrim Resource Kit
     CD Projekt