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No More Generic Alcohol Bottles! Enhance your Skyrim Experience with booze bottles that now all have a unique texture! No more Cyrodilic Brandy looking like a generic bottle of wine. No more Ale looking like Mead.

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Unique Booze Bottles

Thank you insaneOhflex for making another great video to showcase the mod!!!

Thank you to Brodual for featuring the mod in Skyrim Mods Weekly - Bits and Bobs!!!

7/14/12: Uploaded Photoshop files I used in CS5 in PSD format if anyone wants to use them to make their own labels or change the language to localize for their country. I only ask that if you do upload the mod on a foreign site, you refer others to the Nexus and credit the Nexus for the mod

Small mod that initially I was going to add on to my Radiant and Unique Potions and Poisons. However, realizing that these were different enough from potions and have no glow (and will not), that they really deserved their own mod since they are more lore-friendly IMO and I know some don't want to use my potion textures who may still want to use these.

For the 2 Alto and regular wines, I simply did a retexture of the bottle, cork, and covering where present. I retextured it to something I thought looked more aesthetically pleasing than the default vanilla.

With this mod you get unique textures for:
- 2 wine variants
- 2 Alto wine variants
- Jessica's Wine (quest related)
- San's Spiced Wine
- Firebrand Wine
- Cyrodilic Brandy
- Colovian Brandy
- Stros M'Kai Rum

- Nord Mead: Now called "Mighty Mammoth Mead" on the label though in game item name remains Nord Mead
- Nord Ale: Now called "Lucky Stag Ale" on the label though in game item name remains Nord Ale
- Mead with Juniper Berry
- Black Briar Mead
- Black Briar Private Reserve
- Honningbrew Mead
- Dragon's Breath Mead
- Argonian Ale: Now called "Lusty Argonian Ale" on the label though in game item name remains same

- default Skooma
- Kordir's Skooma
- Double Distilled Skooma
- Balmora Blue

- Holy Water

1) Use NMM
2) Drag and Drop the "data" folder into your "Skyrim" folder and choose to merge folders.

Make sure the .esp is activated in your data files or NMM program
In regards to load order, I would put this lower than any mods you have that affect food, alcohol, or potions. This mod does not change any properties of the contents other than their appearance, but if you load this mod's .esp before other mods that affect the same things, you may lose the unique textures for bottles that don't have their own in vanilla.

1) Use NMM
2) Delete installed files from


Delete "Unique Booze Bottles" .esp


No known conflicts but for best results, load after any mods that affect alcohol. This mod will not alter any properties of alcohols