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Thankyou to everyone who has downloaded and rated my mods! All of your encouragment and support means alot to me! However, I am no longer modding skyrim and have no future plans to support any of my mods.

New Mod Released: The Asteria
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My Mod Made It Onto Skyrim Mods Weekly! A Big Shout Out To MMOxReview!

And Gamespot! Dragon Falls Manor is at 2:30

Also Please Comment And Let Me Know What You Think, All Feedback And Suggestions Are Greatly Appreciated!

If you want your spouse to move in with you here is a mod to help!
Full credit to Emma And Amgepo for this mod (:

Dragon Falls Manor is a player house with an amazing view, surrounded by many waterfalls, and has everything you could possibly need, including:
- A Forge
- A Workbench
- A Grindstone
- A Chopping Block
- An Alchemy Table
- An Enchanting Table
- Mannequin x 3
- Weapon Plaque x 8
- Weapon Rack x 3
- A Smelter
- A Cooking Pot

Aswell as a bed and a few chests for safe storage!

To Install Just Drag And Drop Into You DATA Folder, Make Sure 'Dragon Falls Manor' Is Checked Under 'Data Files" and Enjoy!!


*Ok, if you have a out of place ore vein in the middle of your courtyard:
You will have to use the 'markfordelete' console comand to remove it, not sure entirely what causes it, but its not in my game or in the editor so the console is the only way to remove it for now.

*In the future id eventually like to

- Add An optional file for those who want extra storage, i dont like the heaps of chests and stuffs personally so thats why it may seem lacking in the containers department!

- Add an underground hot springs/pool area

- Script for a spouse/housecarl/children/whateverelse to be able to move in with you

- Add a quest or a way to purchase the house

*If the house is invisible, it should work if you fast travel to and from a couple of times or enter and exit a couple of times, ive heard this is a bug Bethesda needs to fix

*Im not entirely sure what is causing clutter to fall from its place when entering and exiting the house, but ill go through and try to fix it

*If you are expericing CTD's it may be because of the large amount of clutter and objects in and around the house, and may be fixed by lowering your 'uGridsToLoad'

*For those wanting me to expand the basement and house, im trying to keep it as realistic as possible in the sense that, what the house looks like on the outside should relate to the amount of space and positioning of the rooms on the inside, but ill see what i can do!

*If you experience strange lighting in the main room, namely the rug going from dark to light and lights flickering, this is something im working on and it seems the lights above are making the objects below not illuminate properly

Hopefully this answers most of the big questions on here, thankyou everyone for the support and feedback! Anymore questions pls feel free to ask!


- V 1.0 Initial Release
- V 1.1
* Added Navmesh
* Fixed Most Clipping Issues
* Improved Lighting Issues (Not Completely Fixed, But Less Noticable!)
* Expanded Basement - Added Tanning Rack
* Added Enchanting And Alchemy Satchels Aswell As A Few Chests In Basement Where Appropriate
* Added A Few More Objects Here And There Nothing Special
* Probably Some Other Stuff I Can Remember lol
- v 1.1.1
* Fixed Mannequins
* Added Balcony
* Changed Lighting In Certain Areas
* Fixed Minor Clipping Issues

- None so far!
- Should Not Conflict With Anything Aslong As Nothing Has Been Place Where The House Has!

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Italian Version:

A Big Thanks To MsChif For Going Through And Finding All The Minor Things That Needed To Be Fixed!