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This mod corrects numerous graphic glitches around Tamriel worldspace, it also helps to relieve your obsessive-compulsive disorder ;)

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Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes is a huge collection of fixes regarding graphic glitches, misplaced objects, improved navmeshes and more around Tamriel worldspace. 
Those accustomed to noticing details will certainly have found some of these annoying issues, from now on you can say goodbye to all these problems.
Starting from version 3.0 Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes incorporates all the corrections already present in Skyrim Exterior Fixes by lilebonymace. We have decided to combine our efforts to offer this wonderful community a complete product from all points of view.
Due to the crops added ownership the 5.1 version of Skyrim Landscape ad Water Fixes includes a modification on how "FavorJobsGatherWheat" work. Now we must first talk to the farmer for asking permission to gather his crops.
After we ask him, he will grant us permission to collect his crops without incurring a theft crime.

Due to the nature of the errors corrected, Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes is an excellent
compendium for the USSEP patch.

To further clarify the concept, Skyrim Landscape and Water Fixes is for the exclusive use of Skyrim SE users, all Skyrim LE users must download Skyrim Exterior Fixes from its official page, The two mods contain the same content.

thank you all for your attention!


The images below show only some of the many issues that lilebonymace and I have carefully fixed. 

Download the mod with your favourite mod manager, run Loot and stick with its load order.
You can download this mod in the ESP and ESM version, the latter is expecially suitable for all those who use mods that drastically change Skyrim landscape.