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A direct port for SSE of Perseid9's Realistic Room Rental. It overhaul the inns, taverns and room rental system.
Everything remains from the original but I went ahead maintained the page and fixed the CTD that occured when you entered Windpeak Inn (Dawnstar)! I have also updated it with new screenshots.

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
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  • Portuguese
!Donated patches are welcomed!


[ All of the newer patches were built on the works of Fe4therstone and has been esl-ified. The Interesting NPCs and AI Overhaul can be used in current game, if you can put up with some persistent references staying unchanged. The ELFX patch and More Idle Markers should be used in new games only since they're esl-ified and adds lights and markers into the inns. - 03/04/22]

To Perseid9, admins, and public...This is a updated version of perseid9's fantastic mod, Realistic Room Rental.  In 02/02/2014 perseid9 provided his last and final update for this mod in SLE. Since then it has not been updated, maintained nor support. I have hopes that perseid9 will return but after waiting for over 4 years for an update and attempting to contact him for a year, I don't believe that will happen anytime soon. Perseid9 made his mod public domain and I have taken it upon myself to port it to SSE and fixed a CTD error. Originally, I did this for myself but decided to try to keep the legacy of his great mod alive. Perseid9 if you ever return and disagree or want the mod page turned over to you, I have made sure that you have full admin access. I will not take any donations nor money over your mod. I wish to gain nothing and I am O.K. with that.

I will do my best to maintain the page and the mod, but I am not a super modder like others. I merely know the basics and can port properly...*sobs*, but I am learning as I go. Take the mod as is. Make improvements if you wish. I may not be around to fix all issues do to RL.

You can find his public domain post here. You can find the original version of the mod for SLE here.

If you wish to contribute patches and fixes PM me and we can keep this mod alive!

Realistic Room Rental -Basic v1.7

Ever wonder why in Skyrim all hotel rooms cost the same? For 10gp you can't even buy a cheese wedge, but you can get a luxury suite in the Winking Skeever. This simply makes no sense. To make room rental system more realistic, I have assigned local prices to all inns. This minimum version uses a little script to track the room cost, it doesn't touch any vanilla npc, quest or cells, so is compatible with everything. Happy lodging!

Realistic Room Rental -Enhanced v1.8 [NSUtR Compatible]

Will ensure that the chest inside Dead Man's Inn does not appear inside the chest. [Provided under the Misc. Section at the moment will update FOMOD later.]

-Re-upload because in my rush to get the NSUtR update up, I failed to realize that my MM reverted RRR to its previous state before the cell deletion.
Also I forgot to change the exterior spawn point of the ICAIO patch at Nightgate Inn. Sorry about that!
-Will be the future of this mod from now on, unless a patch can be made that retains original Nightgate Inn models from v1.8.6.
-Minor visual correction to some floating items.


-Now compatible with NSUtR. Read Changelog for more details.

Realistic Room Rental -Enhanced v1.8 [Direct Port]

--Disables some stray wooden plates in Four Shields Tavern
-Moved some coins in Dead Man's Drink
-Moved Froa's bed from the rented room to the room behind the bar. Follower bed moved to rented room instead. Now it doesn't feel awkward to stay at the Braidwood Inn anymore
-Cleaned up the books in Nightgate Inn.

-Now make Cutting Room Floor a hard requirement to avoid potential misplaced doors.
-Everything now comes packaged in a neat FOMOD installer.
-Not all patches are ESL flagged.
-Individual files are in Miscellaneous now.
-Final update to this version from here on out most updates will only come to the RRR Enhanced NSUtR compatible version.

-Same as version 1.8.4
-Separated the two included patches into their own optional section.

-Ported to SSE
-Fixed Windpeek Inn CTD with Sittar new FaceGen Data

-fixed the leaking roof in Bee and Barb
-fixed the popping light in Vilemyr inn
-if you're already running 1.8+, simply overwrite old files

The deleted navmesh in Moorside Inn is already fixed, just load the esp in Tes5edit and see for yourself. BOSS will still say “Warning: This file contains 1 deleted NavMesh record...”, because the warning is attached to the esp file name, please ignore the warning until we can get this cleared. 

This mod requires SKSE64 and SkyUI for the MCM menu to function.
Also, this mod works very well with Realistic Needs and Diseases 2 by CrEaToXx or Realistic Needs and Diseases All-In-One for USSEP by Ro84, they're made to work originally together after all. ;) 


-The Enhanced version is NOT compatible with any other mods that also modify the interiors of vanilla inns. However, Distinct Interiors IS compatible as long as you install the modular versions and DO NOT install the Inn and taverns modules.

-Any patches, including for Interesting NPCs v3.0+ and ELFX v.0.4.2, are under the Miscellaneous Section as standalone files or as part of the Main Section as part of the FOMOD.
-An updated patch for Interesting NPCs is available here. Courtesy of Fe4therstone!

-This mod is compatible with the no-inn version of ETaC (in SLE only). YOU NEED TO CONVERT IT YOURSELF.

- There is a visual bug that is cause by NSUtR and RRR. To summarize the Nightgate Inn is placed inside a second larger Nightgate  Inn. A compatibility patch for RRR and NSUtR (No Snow Under the Roof by PROMETHEUS_ts) has been provided by noobzor but does not appear to work. For now i am saying that RRR v1.8.6 and NSUtR are visually incompatible at least until a patch is created or donated. This is no longer an issue in RRR v1.8.9.

- RRR v1.8.7+ is compatible with NSUtR.

ELFX Patch
- A light fix patch for RRR and ELFX by anamorfus has been provided by GalenZ.(Outdated)
-Updated compatibility patch for ELFX v3.0+ created by Neovalen. (Outdated)
-New patch for ELFX has been updated to v4.0 and was graciously provided by qpegasus! The Silverblood Inn ELFX is now incorporated into this update. [07/02/19]

 Keep it Clean NOW available!
-Patch for Keep it Clean and RRR located here. Only changes effects not the objects themselves by Mavanaic ( I have created and provide a new  patch for RRR and Keep in Clean now. You can find it as a standalone file under the Misc. or within the FOMOD.

-Compatibility patch between RRR and ICAIO (Immersive Citizen AI Overhaul) now available. Thanks to Shurah's SLE ICAIO patch which I used as a base and modified. Shurah's SLE fixes were kept thank him and endorse his mods. This includes newly added NavMesh to the new room. No longer will Hadrig's bed be in the front center of the entrance door. Instead he has a small little room to the left of the Nightgate Inn.

This version is a total rebuild. Behold, per v1.8 this mod no longer edits the RentRoomScript.pex script, vanilla DialogueGeneric quest or any innkeepers, so is fully compatible with any other mods that modify RentRoomScript or innkeeper NPCs.

To my knowledge there is some mesh incompatibilities between this mod and the High Poly Project mod. If you wish to use both mods overwrite with this mod.

Then the bad news D: due to the complete change in mod structure, upgrading from v1.5 is not supported. (Does not apply to SSE version)

Jobs of Skyrim
-Reported to be incompatible with Jobs of Skyrim. [Not Tested] There will be floating pots everywhere and NPC will use invisible tables.

-Patches individual patches are available under the MISC. section.


-This mod is best used with a new game (install this mod before you start the game, loading a save from Helgen is not a new game), to ensure all the beds and persistent furnitures stay in correct position. Installing/Removing this mod mid-game will most likely leave some stubborn furnitures stuck in weird places. If a particular inn is totally messed up, that's mod conflict.

-Because this mod does not edit the RentRoomScript.pex script, vanilla DialogueGeneric quest or any innkeepers, so is fully compatible with any other mods that modify RentRoomScript or innkeeper NPCs. However, I recommend that you use Tavern AI Fix by andrelo1 to correct a few annoyances.

-I HIGHLY RECOMMEND installing my modified and improved version of More Tavern Idles which was specially made for the use of RRR.

by shinji72 Note: the Nightgate inn looks a bit different as of v1.8.3.

As of v1.8 - Requires all DLCs. (duh!)

-Reworked the room rental system,
The default mode works exactly the same as in vanilla game, bed-only one-day stay, with configurable local inn cost; The optional “enhanced mode” adds extended stay option, safe-storage containers, pay for followers, etc.. The enhanced mode contains silent dialogues, and requires Fuz Ro D-oh to function properly. If silent dialogues are not acceptable in your game, simply let the mod run in default mode.

#1 I'd like to rent a room. 
This is the vanilla dialogue option, it works exactly the same as in vanilla game, bed-only one-day stay, with configurable local inn cost.

#2 I need a place to stay. 
This option will give you 3 choices, one night, 3 days, or extended stay, with safe storage containers.

#3 Do you have rooms available?
This option is #2 + follower beds. Use this option when you have followers with you, the innkeeper will try to count how many friends you have and charge you accordingly.

-Rebuilt Nightgate and Old Hroldan inns, plus lots of cosmetic fix/changes to many inn interiors, there's also a new trader in Old Hroldan

-Bug Fix: fixed the deleted navmesh in Moorside Inn

-Innkeepers offer discounts for loyal patrons
if you stay in an inn for an extended period of time, the rent gets cheaper over time; if you choose the 3 days stay option and pay in advance, you get 25% discount, both configurable in mcm

-added bathtubs to many inns, some will only become available after you pay for the room.
These bathtubs don't do much at this stage, they give you a slight buff in speech/resist disease, that's all, but could prove useful if i'm going to add optional bathing needs in RND ;p

-added bring-your-own-bottles self-service mead/ale kegs to all inns
these kegs will refill empty rnd bottles (if you have rnd installed) with cheap mead/ale for 6gp each

-The bed ownership in inns is now set to "playerbedownership" faction so your spouse can use them as well

-added dialogue option to pay for followers, and extra beds/bedrolls to all inns so followers can sleep too. 
If you use follower overhaul such as EFF or UFO and tell them to relax, they will use the beds. These extra beds for followers are owned by “PotentialFollowerFaction” without paying, so even if you don't pay their tab, they will still take care of themselves. After you pay for the beds, the bed ownership can be set to either “CurrentFollowerFaction” or None (everyone can use), the reason for this setup is because some unique followers (e.g. Vilja) will not use beds owned by vanilla follower faction.

-Merged Hearthfire/Dragonborn patches into the main plug-in, the inns simply don't feel cosy enough without the oven from HF

-tes5edit cleaned, and forwarded all the fixes from USKP


-While Delphine is in charge, you can only rent the room for a day (I'd rather not to mess with her, even our poor little Aldy fears her) in Riverwood's Sleeping Giant, 3 days and long term options will only become available after Orgnar fully takes over the inn at some point. 

General Traders
-Hrol has a permanent post in Vilemyr inn, he will trade with you between 11am and 9pm.
-Kalthar has a humble setup in Moorside inn to supply the locals, he will trade with you between 7am and 7pm.
-Gepard has setup a little shop inside Frostfruit inn to resupply travellers and adventurers alike. Also, his cousin Gerard delivers supplies to Old Hroldan every couple of days, if you catch him there, he will trade with you as well.
Old Screenshots

New Screenshots

-Perseids Inns and Taverns - Realistic Room Rental Enhanced and Realistic Needs and Diseases by perseid9 (For original mod and making it public domain.)
-FoodContainer by Blary
-Washing Stuffs by Insanity
-Modders Resource Pack by Oaristys and Tony67

Other Contributions!
-Realistic Needs and Diseases 2 by CrEaToXx
-Realistic Needs and Diseases All-In-One for USSEP by Ro84
-Realistic Room Rental Enhanced and No Snow Under the Roof Compatibility Patch by noobzor
-Realistic Room Rental Enhanced - Silver-Blood Inn ELFX Lighting Fix Patch by GalenZ
-Compatibility patch for ELFX v3.0+ created by Neovalen.
-Compatibility patch between RRR and ICAIO (Immersive Citizen AI Overhaul) by and thanks to Shurah's.