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Simple, asset-free overhaul of all the vanilla and Dragonborn player homes.

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This is a merged version of my collection of house improvements. It aims at making all player homes more useful and follower-friendly, while keeping close to their vanilla appearance and concept. 
- All upgrade markers have been preserved so you have to buy your furniture like in vanilla. 
- No clutter has been nailed to the groud: if you see it, you can grab it.
Since Proudspire Manor came in two versions - with either 2 or 4 beds for kids - I'm making two alternate merges as well. NB I am not making multiple adoption versions of the other houses since they don't have enough space. 

- NEW - 
A couple of patches to integrate functions from other mods you might like. Both are esl-flagged esp.

  • For Hearthfire Extended users, I made a consistency patch so that vanilla homes have its improved butter churns instead of regular ones (HF Extended butter churns are crafting benches where you can turn milk into butter, while vanilla ones were technically butter-spawning plants^^). Pick the one that fits your version (Proudspire 2 or 4 beds) and load it after the main file. Additionally, where small mead barrels were placed, I swapped them for HF Extended ones (similarly, they allow to brew booze instead of harvesting bottles) - UPDATE: the patch is still available if anyone wants it, however I strongly suggest you use my newer mod Hearthfire Extended - Base Object Swapper instead. 
  • For Perseids Inns and Taverns users, I made a patch that adds to the homes some rustic bath tub like those you can find at the inns. File works with both versions (Perseid9's work has been made public domain as explained here. Other resources included: Washing Stuffs by Insanity). For consistency's sake, I made an additional plugin that add tubs to the Hearthfire homes as well (it appears when you build the bookshelf in the main bedroom, not unlike some other clutter). It does not require this mod, just Perseids, but I'm hosting it here because it goes well together. NB: depending on your ini settings and possibly ENB, you might see a yellowish reflection in the tubs. It's not Lydia's fault - instead, you have to open your SkyrimPrefs.ini and set: bScreenSpaceReflectijavascript-event-stripped0.
  • EVEN NEWER! - A patch for Use Those Blankets, since apparently it didn't recognise some of my beds.
  • A patch for Mystic Condenser - relocates those that were clipping, and "moves" the one in Breezehome upstairs alongside with the Achemy Bench when you buy the kids' room.


What I edited: 

- All beds have been changed from Common to Upperclass - still rather simple, but it doesn't involve hay
- When you buy the children's bed, the Alchemy bench is moved upstairs - it's a perfectly fine crafting bench, why would you throw it away?
- Oven, butter churn and mead barrel from Hearthfire have been added to the kitchen
- A few containers have been added 
- Upstairs you'll find a small cot, so you can have a guest without kicking out Lydia

NB - I did not add an enchanter since I wanted to keep the concept of Breezehome as a simple starting home. If you like to keep it as your long-term home and are tired of walking all the way to Dragonsreach, Simple Breezehome Enchanting Table seems to work fine (I have Dawn of Skyrim so I use the one of my new neighbour) .


What I edited: 

- Oven and Butter Churn from Hearthfire
- With Honey and Black-Briar Mead
- Iona has now a nicer bed 
- New room for a follower (you get the furniture together with your own)
- When you buy the Children's Bedroom, the Enchanter is relocated under the stairs (a bit cramped, but why would you throw it away?)
- Ingredients have been relocated from shelves to a cabinet near the alchemy station
- Some additional container, including a safe in your bedroom
- A sharpening wheel for your regular blade maintenance


What I edited:
- Oven and butter churn added to the kitchen
- Better bed for the housecarl
- A follower bed has been added to the armory (it's bought together with the main bedroom)
- A few more carpets and pelt to make the place a bit warmer
- Some storage sack added to the lab (I didn't edit the vanilla shelves since that room is, well, unique)

Proudspire Manor

What I edited: 
- Added HF oven, butter churn and mead barrel
- Nicer bed for Jordis
- Two extra rooms for followers (one in the basement, one at ground floor; you get them when you buy the bedroom)
- Alchemy and Enchanting facilities are now in the same area and have some additional storage. You still have to buy them separately.
- Some basic smithing equipment that you get when you buy the Enchanting furniture (only some of the smithing stations - it's a small DIY corner in a patrician home, not the Skyforge).
- Larger table in the kitchen
Optional: more childern beds if you pick the 4 beds option. It requires HF Multiple Adoptions in order to work (although you do not need to cast Bless Home). The beds are spaced enough to allow all 4 kids to use the beds (sometimes they misbehave, just give them some time).

Vlindrel Hall

What I edited:
- Added oven and butter churn
- Cooking pot moved from the bedroom area to the dining room/kitchen where it belongs
- Better beds for housecarl and kids
- Some additional storage in the labs
- When you buy the kids' bedroom, the alchemy lab is relocated in the enchanting room
- Small cot for a guest (I couldn't fit a new room anywhere, but at least your follower won't sleep on the floor)
- Curtains added to the sleeping area (they look like city banners so their appearance depends on whatever retex you're using for those; in the pics you see mine with Sigils of Skyrim)

Severin Manor

What I edited:
- Added oven and butter churn
- A few extra chairs
- Removed most of the hay and wood piles in the entrance - it's a noble family's home, not a stable!
- Some additional storage in the Enchanting corner
- Guest room now has space for two (if you don't like how it's divided you can disable the new wall and door, navmesh somehow fits both options)
- Shrines to the Reclamations have been added to a shelf in the main bedroom

Compatible with everything that doesn't affect the house interiors.
Tested and confirmed compatible with:
Moon and Star (it adds a spawn point to all vanilla houses so it's incompatible with some overhauls, but it works well with this)
Alternate Start (you spawn inside the master bedrooms, that I haven't edited significantly)
- Simple Breezehome Enchanting Table 
Hearthfire Extended (it makes very minimal edits to Honeyside, Hjerim and Vlindrel Hall - all compatible; also, you might like to check the integration patch for better butter churns)
Hjerim after Blood on Ice and Blood on Ice Redux 
Dorethi - Severin Manor Guard

Standalone Mods:
If you want to edit just some of the houses, you can!
Simple Breezehome Improvements
Simple Honeyside Improvements
Simple Proudspire Improvements
Simple Hjerim Improvements
Simple Vlindrel Hall Improvements
Simple Severin Manor Improvements

And what about Hearthfire homesteads?
I made no mod for those, but if you want some lore-friendly improvement I suggest you take a look to the following mods:
Hearthfire Extended  
Simple Hearthfire Attics SSE (it's my port, yes)
Bedroom Doors and Privacy

Other mods featured in the pics:
Static Mesh Improvement Mod
Noble Skyrim 
Lucid ENB
Rustic Windows
Rustic Children
Rustic Furniture 
Rustic Furniture 
Rustic Cooking
Rustic Alchemy and Enchanting Tables
HD Embers 
Sigils of Skyrim 
Rustic Clutter Collection
ElSopa HD - Small Compilation Pack 
Rally's All the Things