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Brightens up the Silver-Blood Inn for people using the RRR_ELFX-Patch with an ENB, such as SR:LE users.

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If you are using Realistic Room Rental Enhanced with ELFX and an ENB and have installed the RRR-ELFX patch (as anyone installing SR:LE does) you may have noticed that the Silver-Blood Inn is awfully dark.   This is because the RRR_ELFX-Patch removes 4 light sources added by ELFX, in order to prevent flickering caused by RRRE's addition of a light source by the Hearthfire oven (ultimately caused by the Skyrim's engine rule-of-4 limit for light sources casting shadows).  While that certainly solves the flickering problem, and probably works fine with all the ambient light provided by vanilla lighting, it totally doesn't work with *my* ENB setup.

An alternative solution, which this mod implements, is to disable the new RRR light source and keep the ELFX ones.  With my ENB, this allows me to actually *see* things in the Silver-Blood inn again, without needing to use a lantern.   Given that other people installing SR:LE probably have the same problem, I've uploaded my fix for general use.

Requirements:  Realistic Room Rental Enhanced and Enhanced Lights and FX.   The RRR_ELFX-Patch is not required, and if not present, this mod will actually fix flickering problems around the baking oven in the back left corner.

Installation:  As with any mod.  Use the mod manager of your choice to add its esp into your data folder.

Load Order:  Make sure 'Silver-Blood Inn lighting fix for RRR_ELFX-Patch.esp' loads after 'RRR_ELFX-Patch.esp'.  I highly recommend adding a LOOT rule to this effect.

Merging:  Do it!  This mod is so small, it doesn't deserve its own esp.  Please use Merge Plugins to merge it into into your personal conflict resolution mod, and then uninstall this mod's esp.

Compatibility:  Extremely high.   Should work with anything, so long as you load it after the RRR_ELFX-Patch.esp.

Uninstallation:  No problems - just remove it from your load order.   It does not affect any scripts or other objects baked into a save game.

Permissions:  Please feel free to distribute this patch and merge it into other mods as you will.  In fact, I *hope* this patch gets merged into larger lighting patches!