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Reshade preset for OrganicENB SE.
The animals look good, but not to eat.

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This has nothing to do with veganism. It is simply a play on word with the name "Organic ENB" this is just a reshade for it. Just a joke, this is not a mod that will add or change anything related to being vegan or not. Just an add on for ENB. The goal was to really bring out vibrant colors without over saturating and having more natural aesthetics.

UPDATE: Preset Vegan Vivid Dolomite works for both Vivid Weathers and Dolomite (Obsidian optional
.) Vegan CoT V1.1 - Lowered brightness of clouds, especially that aren't adjacent or directly with the sun. I would suggest using Dolomite weathers and it's preset here, it's just better looking than CoT reshade or not, just my opinion. I configured Dolomite with Obsidian optional, I would recommend it, slightly better colors.

I want to thank Boris Voronstov for all of his work with ENBs over the years as well as all of the developers that were involved with the creation of Organic ENB as displayed on the page and of course Skysan4298. Many kudos.
Many thanks to the developers of reshade.

I am currently using OrganicENB SE and configured the reshade for personal preference and had talked to Skysan4298 about sharing my preset. It is not perfect or complete and is a WIP. I will continue to make adjustments and presets for the other weathers that are available for the ENB (Vanilla and Vivid Weathers.)

NOTE: I am not using or offering any modding resources. Any mod or ENB listed on this page are not available for download here, only links to the original sources that I found looked best with this preset. Only files available from this page are my reshade.ini and the enbseries.ini for the ENB which I received permission from Skysan4298 to share.
Make sure to check the Requirements drop down menu.


Make sure you don't have left over ENB and Reshade files in your Skyrim Special Edition directory. You can download ENB and Reshade Manager to remove the files if need be.

Install OrganicENB SE as specified on the page.
Next install Reshade run Reshade_Setup.exe and click select game. Navigate to your Skyrim Special Edition folder and select SkyrimSE.exe. Click Direct3D 10+ and press yes to download shaders.
Install Enhanced Lights and FX don't select any options, except when you get to SMIM meshes, check that if you use SMIM.
Install which weather you prefer Dolomite or Climates of Tamriel. For CoT I chose Nights Level 3, Warm Interior, Hardcore Dungeons.
Next is Claralux. Download the patches as well and Choose ELFX DLC, USSEP if using, plus additional patches if needed.
Using different options for the mods might have varied results, these were the settings used when I configured the reshade.

Now download my preset for your weather. Extract the .zip. In order to balance out my reshade settings, I made some adjustments with the enbseries.ini. Put the .ini files in your Skyrim Special Edition directory, where SkyrimSE.exe is located not the Data folder.

You will know Reshade is working if, after you launch the game, at the Bethesda logo. The screen will glitch out and a gray header will be on top and reading all the reshade files. When you are at the menu, press shift+f2 to open the reshade configuration window. From the drop down menu, select Vegan Dolomite.ini or Vegan CoT.ini and it will load the preset.

Installation Notes for Climates of Tamriel

The game won't look like my screenshots right away. It will be darker. I made a few minor adjustments in game under the enbeffect.fx. I do not have permissions currently to share those files, only the enbseries.ini. However, I can instruct you how to do it, it's very simple.
Press shift+enter to open up the ENB menu while playing. You will see a window named shader parameters. Click on enbeffect.fx and a sub menu will drop down. Under ------------bloom you will see Wilds:brightness exterior day and night. You can adjust these to your liking. I use brightness exterior day 0.11 and contrast exterior day -0.05.

Claralux isn't really "required" but it has helped and strongly recommended. Unlike Oldrim ENB, SSE doesn't have the ability to
adjust light sources specifically through the ENB configuration window.
Claralux allowed me to brighten my lights and still keep my nights dark. You can also adjust the lighting to your taste if you desire.

My Claralux settings: Light Level 5, Light Level Variance 1, Glow Size 3, Glow Size Variance 0, Daytime Light Level 4, Daytime Light Level Variance 1, Night Time 18:00-6:00, Light Temperature -1. Also chose for lights to attract bugs.

Please refer to the article or post for troubleshooting.

I noticed as little as 4-6 FPS hit, outdoors, in fields and other open areas. Some areas that are more populated I noticed as much as 10-14 FPS hit. This is just a comparison from Vanilla and ENB/Reshade. No Mods.  Frame rates will vary on location, mod setup, and computer specs. This was on Ultra settings with my laptop core i7 6300 12GB ram Nvidia GTX 960m. More objects and people to render
with ENB and Reshade will obviously result in less frames than out in an open field.

If your graphics card is better than mine, or overall better system, you shouldn't have a problem with performance.
I will create an article for users that want to use these configurations that need to put some extra focus into performance like myself. Feel free to message me or post in regards to performance. Additional details and tweaking suggestions will soon be available in read me.

P.S. If you like this preset, please give kudos to Skysan4298 for his work with the ENB. Also to Smokydragon123, I wouldn't even be modding Skyrim if it wasn't for him.

Mods I used in screenshots and recommend.

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Viscous Foliage
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Trees in Cities
Weathered Road Signs
Nexus Skyrim Mod Overhaul (The bright red guards shown in solitude screens, other reds aren't as vibrant.)
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