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Vividian ENB aims to be a complete weather aware ENB supporting over 600 Weathers from different Mods like Vivid Weathers, Dolomite Weathers , Cathedreal Weathers, Obsidian Weathers and Mythsitcal Ages . It generally enhances the Sun and lighting effects as well as the overhaul image Quality.

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Vividian - Weather & Lighting enhancement
a full weather aware ENB for Skyrim Special Edition

Please join and support us

This Weather and Lighting Suite was made to enhance every aspect of Skyrim concerning
Weather, Lighting, Fogs, Clouds and Colors. It comes with following parts:

[b]Vividian ENB

The general solution for a better Color, effect and Weather experience. (have a look at the features) it is fully compatible  with Vivid
Weathers (and Classic shaders), Truestorms, Wyrmstooth, Darkend, Beyond Reach, Falskaar, Dawnguard, Dragonborn.

This mod comes with ENB Helper plugin and ENB Particle Patch already installed. If you have those already dont worry
about it. If you do not own this mods you need to put the content of the Data Folder into your Skyrim/Data folder or make a new mod in your Mod manager.

Adds alot of Features and fixes to the game like:
- Enhanced Weather support (over 600 Weather IDs)
- Supports
Vivid Weathers, Dolomite, Cathedreal, Obsidian and Mythsitcal Ages
- Supports all DLCs
- Supports Truestorms
- Supports Darkend
- Supports Beyond Reach
- Supports Falskaar
- Supports Wyrmstooth
- Enhances alot of Weather experiences by Fog, Sun, Rain and Cloudshadows
- Supports latest Water features from ENB
- Realtime Cloudshadows and Volumetric Sunrays! (requires ENB 0.241+ )
- Fully ELE, ELFX (without enhancer), Relight Skyrim and RLO (without weathers) compatible
- Adds more realistic lighting to the Nights:
(clear sky = better Visiblity, Overcast, Rain or Fog = darker nights -- Seriousley don't go out in a Foggy night without torches! :))
- Enhances the water effects of Skyrim
- Highly Customizeable with the ENB Shader GUI for all effects.
- extra Shader features like Luma Sharpening

1. ENB Setup: get the  The latest ENB binary files (0.381) and SKSE!!! otherwise weathers wont work!
have a look for the 2 .dll files in it and copy those two files to your skyrim Main Directory (and enblocal.ini if needed)

2. Vividian ENB install:
1. MAKE SURE!!! Every .fx file in your skyrim directory is gone from other ENB's you had before as well make sure the enbseries folder is deleted if you had one
2. Move the content of your desired weather mod folder into the skyrim folder
3. Copy the content of the Data folder in your Data folder or create a new mod in your Favorite mod manager

You can enable Luma Sharpening shaders by setting: EnablePostPassShader=true  in the enbseries.ini

Vividian Supports soon supports more weather mods. Pls have a look in the comment section about a Poll what to support next

Vivid Weathers
, Dolomite, Cathedreal, Obsidian and Mythsitcal Ages


ELFX - Enhanced Lights & FX
Please do not install ELFX with the Enhancer.

RLO - Realistic Lighting Overaul
Please do not install RLO weathers!

I strongly encourage you to have atleast  these mods:
Wavy Waters - Water Parallax for ENB

Those people made ENB what it is today and ofcourse their work is now included in it:
Boris Vorontsov - The creator of ENB
Matso - Shader functions
HeliosDoubleSix - more ENB Stuff
Kyokushinoyama - Lens FX Shader
Prod80 - Shaders and for answering millions of questions in tireless precision
Aiyen - Shaders and fx setup, and beeing a great support and inspiration