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Bhaktisean Sirandar Derheckmecker11 Flora Assets Vurt SureAI SomeRandomGuy83 PhenomFazMFQ Pfuscher

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This is an approved SSE port of Dragon Tree Temple by Bhaktisean. The tree has been moved from Tamriel to it's own worldspace to greatly reduce load, compatibility issues and navi conflicts.

Version 2.5 adds a proper worldmap the assets from a number of flora mods. SEE Credits
Version 2.6 and 2.5b restores the entry weather change

Permissions and credits
Dragon Tree Island

Version 2.6 and 2.5b restores the entry weather change trigger and adds assets from Mathy's Repository 

Version 2.5  A big thanks to the mod authors that let me incorporate their flora assets.  If you like this mod please download and endorse their mods too.  See Credits

I received permission from quite a few more mod authors to incorporate assets into this mod.... And I figured out how to get the worldmap to work properly.....

Vanilla Version

Yes there is a vanilla version!  No dependancies ... This mod is now in its final form and I released the vanilla version as an optional download.

Surprisingly removing the skybird and verdant dependencies didn't stop these mods from working with the vanilla version. I think this is by design for both mods but I do not support this. The vanilla version is pretty much full and will be lighter for lower end CPU/GPU

Requirements for the Wildlife Version:  (without the Vivid Weathers, Toads and Frogs, or Skyrim 3D Landscapes mods, your SSE will crash guaranteed)

Big thanks to these mod authors who made Skyrim so much more interesting...

Verdant Grass: (so much better)
Vivid Weathers: (so much better)
Toads and Frogs of Skyrim SE (No follower version)
skyBirds SSE Edition:
Skyrim 3D Landscapes:

Soft Requirements: (Don't install, just download and endorse unless you want their Tamriel edits)  See Credits

Skyrim 3D Landscapes Groundcovers 2k (optimal terrain textures for this mod)
Dragon Tree Temple:  (Oldrim) (OLDRIM Don't install just download and endorse)
Bent Pines II SSE  by Vurt 
Trees Addon SSE by WineDave with assets by Vurt, SureAI and SomeRandomGuy83
Waterplants Improved WI by Pfuscher
Unique Flowers and Plants SSE by PhenomFazMFQ

If you choose to endorse this mod please also endorse Bhaktisean's mod on Oldrim and SSE also.

What this Mod Is:

This is an approved SSE port of Dragon Tree Temple by Bhaktisean.  The tree has been moved from Tamriel to it's own island worldspace to greatly reduce system load, and reduce compatibility issues and navi conflicts. It runs a solid 60 FPS on my medium ranged system with no stutter or lag.  It only edits a tiny area of Tamriel for max compatibility.  The new worldspace is navmeshed and has full LOD.  No errors in SSEedit and no navmesh deletions or warnings.  This mod has scripts so it shouldn't be removed midgame unless you are savvy.

There are no NPCs and nothing aggressive but a few mudcrabs and horkers that are aggressive if you get too close.

How Can I Get There:

There is a portal in the second outside level on the Hall of Elements, College of Winterhold...... at the back
Otherwise:  COW Takarigua 0,0 in the console

Properties of Dragon Tree Island:

Dragon Tree Island has pretty much everything from Dragon Tree Temple

The extra features of this mod:

1) moved to Island worldspace
2) Lighting changes to reduce flicker and improve ambiance
3) Disrobe feature for bathing areas (what you see will be dependent on body mods)
4) Full LOD
5) Campfire/Frostfall functional
6) Island Travel System
7) Some cosmetic changes
8) Vivid weather
9) Hearthfire Oven
10) Skybirds
11) Skyrim 3D Landscape assets incorporated
12) Frogs and Toads
13) Navimesh improvements

Things to notice in this mod:

Bhaktisean's tree home is really incredible and there really isn't anything like it on the nexus, hence why I was willing to put the time in to properly port this mod.

The tree house casts lovely shadows on the island that move throughout the day

Mathy's flora textures are incredible and this mod gives them a showcase

I designed the worldspace like a Japanese garden and was attempting that feel.

I really loaded the "wildlife version" up with assets  and there wasn't a hint of stutter or low FPS on my system.  It seems SSE can handle complex landscapes effortlessly outside the Tamriel worldspace.

When the weather rolls in this worldspace has a interesting feel because the water is calm and the rain shows.

I left spaces to pitch a Campfire/FF tent on most of the islands

The LOD views of the tree from the smaller islands is very pretty (Thanks xLODgen)


BSA format....plug and play
This mod would be improved by DyDOLOD as I did not do tree LODs in xLODGen,  and there were no issues generating both  xLODGen and DynDOLOD. 

Load Order

Skyrim 3D Landscapes
Vivid Weathers
Dragon Tree Island
Immersive College Winterhold (if present)

Preferable to load before Immersive College of Winterhold SSE (  Followers still follow into Dragon Tree Island.  If they don't load after.


Special Thanks to the following flora assets artists who do great work:

Pfuscher for Waterplants Improved WI
PhenomFazMFQ for Unique Flowers and Plants SSE
SureAI and SomeRandomGuy83 for assets in Trees Addon SSE
Vurt for  Bent Pines II SSE and assets from Trees Addon SSE 
WineDave for Trees Addon SSE by WineDave with assets by Vurt, SureAI and SomeRandomGuy83 and himself
Mathy for assets in Mathjy's Repository
Big Thanks to:

Bhaktisean via Dragon Tree Temple for almost everything Tree level and interiors
Derheckmecker11 for the properly made world Takarigua Island I used for the world base (
Gka1 for SSE Assets Optimizer (One click initial port) (
Nuukem for Creation Kit 2.0 fixes, this mod would be impossible without these fixes (
matortheeternal for Merge Plugins Utility (
sheson for xLODGen for LODs (The only one that actually works well for SSE)
ElminsterAU for SSEedit (Impossible without this tool) (
Nifscope Team
Lilith (with InsanitySorrow) - Ready ClutterLolicept - Lolicept ResourcesOaristys, Tony67 and CD Projekt Red - The Witcher Resource Pack, Resource PackRunspect - Resource PackSrRamrod - Shrine Base Art, Upper Class CabinetsStroti and Tamira - Resource Pack, Resource Pack 2, Oven, Castle furniture, Market Stands, Lighthouse, Small House, Printing Press, Castle Wall, Cannon, Organ, Craftsman Tools, Dragonstone ManorTamira - New Plants, Celtic Stone Cross, Rockinghorses, Mr. Siika Castle Seaview, Assorted resourcesTESA Skyrim Resource Kit - Lilith's Curio Cabinets
Bethesda for the game and CK2.0

Known Issues Q and A:

1) If you look closely you can see the corners of the world .... what gives?

The world has to be square or rectangular for LOD generation and squares have corners.  I could make the world gigantic but this may have FPS issues ..... what I provided is the best balance.

2) My NPCs are naked in the baths

However your NPCs look like without clothes will be how they look in the bath

3) The Navmeshes and pathing isn't perfect and sometimes the NPCs teleport. 

They are as good as it is worth doing.  Vanilla has this issue too.  If you find something terrible PM me

(Fixed in 2.0)

4) When I enter Dragon Tree Island the weather from the previous world follows me until a weather change

I could script to prevent this but that is yet another script.  Install Vivid Weather Utilities to change at will.

(FIXED in 1.1)

5) I see Z fighting

There are shallow pools in Dragon Tree Island and when the waves bob it causes Z fighting.  I like shallow water so ....  Only visible from above mostly.

6) I use a darker Skyrim mod and the exterior interior of the house is too dark

The interior of the house in the exterior cell is very complex with many surfaces from different objectIDs ..... the Skyrim lighting engine can't handle this well and this results in flickering and black textures.  Unless mudcrabs can fly there is nothing to attack you up there .... enjoy the darkness.  Even with no lightsources in the mod casting candlelight or using a lantern will cause these issues.

Developers Notes:

The CK2.0 with the CK2.0 Fixes mod has finally made the CK almost a pleasure to use.  It doesn't crash any more even when you try to do crazy things like copy 1000 objects at once it works.  Didn't CTD once during this project.

This mod is a mulltilevel outdoor wordspace and that makes navmeshing challenging.  It is best to completely navmesh the lower level first and finalize before doing the upper level.

For whatever reason xLODgen was the only utility that could generate a good LOD for this mod.  Don't use 565 if you don't like CTDs

Note that you can generate a perfect LOD for a custom worldspace and have the worldmap still show Tamriel.  In the CK Worldspace editor if even one field is inherited from Tamriel your custom worldmap will not show, and instead you get Tamriel with your new markers overlayed     

Lighting:  Be conservative because of Skyrims lighting limitations.  Walk your mod with the spell candlelight active to check for issues.

Mod Saturation:  Making a new world is not difficult.  Consider making any new content outside Skyrim.  Every cell in Skyrim you edit significantly probably requires at least 2 cells navmeshes to be changed and that overwrites other mods.  This is a compatibility nightmare.

I learned quite a bit about navmeshing from this mod.   The most important one was that the physics/pathing engine handles navmeshes over landscape terrain completely differently than over NIFs.  For terrain the vertexes are most important, for nifs it in important the the triangles don't intersect with the NIF or hitching will happen.  The navmeshing layout system also wants to place vertices on top of any water meshes but this causes issues.

Don't link to another worldspace directly from an interior cell in Tamreil .... used a hidden exterior cell as a proxy.  It just works better.

Make your mod with ALL the assets and mods you plan to use and and QC that .... then strip out dependencies to make versions to cater to your audience.  It literally took me 15 minute to make the "vanilla" version of this mod. SSEedit is an incredibly powerful tool.