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Added: 14/06/2014 - 02:11PM
Updated: 21/02/2015 - 04:09PM

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Howdy Stranger, welcome to:

Support Chat
The Support chat is now online!
You can visit the chat via the webchat function and typing in #skyrimmods as Channel name. 
Or if you use a IRC client already (like Hexchat) you can join at irc.freenode.net #skyrimmods
(If i am Labeled as Mangaway then i most likley am Away ;)

What it does
Makes Fallout New Vegas more colorfull and gives it a unique look along with a vast ammount of features. What else;)
At the moment it is a WIP Project. But i think already worth sharing with the community.
It will change over the time also based on your suggestions.


Compatible with:
* Nevada Skies & Project Reality
* Interior Ligting Overaul
* FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting Ultimate Edition
*It is IMOD-Friendly!
That means it will work with the Imaginator, Night-Vision mods, Drug-Overlays from other mods,
Project Nevada low health, Bullet time aso (saturation changes might be different in version 2.0).

Unique shader models featuring:
* HDR color corrections
* Realtime Caluclated ENB Sunsprite
* High Quality Bloom shaders
* Subtle but realstic Dirt shader texture
* Ambient Occlusion for shadow shading
* Indirect Lighting
* Various Depth of Field options:
- Close DoF (standart) for bluring only when a object approches nearby
- Static DoF for Permanent Distance blur in 3 Degrees
- Photographic DoF for realtime Focus on everything like a camera
* Sun and Godrays
* Anti Aliasing from ENB
* High Quality Anisoptric Filtering
* Color Calibrations of Night, Day, Interiors
And ofcourse all the other neat features ENB enables.

What to take care of
Please disable Antialiasing, Anisoptric filtering in the Preferences.
The ENB takes care of that now.

How to Install - Main install
After downloading the latest ENB version (http://enbdev.com/download_mod_falloutnv.htm)
copy the d3d9.dll and enbhost.exe to your Fallout directory.
Then copy the content of the Main Files Folder of Viradia ENB to the Fallout directory too.

Nevada Skies , Project Reality & FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting Ultimate Edition
If you use one of them, copy the files inside the Special Editions folder
to your fallout directory after you did the Main Install.

Optional files
Install the optional fles the same way by draggin the content to the FNV Main directory.

Special Stuff
This ENB is a sucessor of Vividian ENB at Skyrim Nexus. Please have a look at if if you like!

Special thanks to Elianora for the Awsome Pictures!

Also check out my other mods!

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