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(Updated 3 Sept) By the author of Re-Engaged ENB. A ENB Preset that currently has preset for Cathedral, Vanilla, Vivid Weathers, Dolomite, Obsidian, Aequinoctium, COT, NAT, Surreal Lighting, Mythical Ages and Rustic Weathers to bring out a realistic/natural look to Tamriel and tries to make it feel colder. Hope you enjoy.

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Wow, August 2017 File of the Month Mod! Thank you all for the support. 

(Obsidian V2.5 Preset in Shot) 

Welcome to my newest ENB for Skyrim Special Edition. While I love the look I have achieved with my SkyrimSE Re-Engaged ENB, I wanted to work on something that is not quite as colorful but, achieves a sense of a realistic look. I wanted it to feel colder in Skyrim instead of a warmer feel. I currently have presets for COT, Vivid Weathers, Dolomite/NLVA II, Vanilla Lighting, Mythical Ages, Surreal Lighting and Rustic weathers which will help make your game have more of an atmospheric feel no matter what version you choose. With Natural View Tamriel ENB you will find that colors are lighter in nature but, not overly saturated. You should feel a chill in the air. I used bloom to bring on a more atmospheric feel to the environment. If you are coming from my Re-Engaged ENB. Don't expect the same look as far as colors. You may be disappointed. This is not a fantasy ENB. 

I truly hope that you will enjoy this new ENB preset!! Let me know what you think. 

(NAT Preset V2.5i used in shot, photo by StellifyGamer)

--- ENB Only ---

--- Adjustable ENB via in-game GUI ---

--- Night eye fix included within ENB  ---

--- High Quality Depth of Field with multiple strength options ---

--- Spectacular God Rays by Adyss with his ENB Add-On Shader ---

--- Amazing SSAO effect that enhances the image far beyond Vanilla SSAO ---

--- Enhanced cloud settings and sky gradients colors, enhancing sunsets/sunrises ---

--- Presets for Dolomite/NLVA II, COT, NAT, Vivid, Vanilla, Mythical Ages, Surreal and Rustic Weathers ---

--- Individually tweak Day, Night & Interior Settings for better color/brightness balance at each time of day ---

--- Presets for performance levels needed for your PC. Choose from Full Quality, Quality and Performance options ---

--- Advanced bloom settings for each time of day to bring out that atmospheric feel across Skyrim as you move from region to region --

Here is a quick video showcasing Natural View Tamriel. I am of course using other mods for my Skyrim. If you like the look of this seem my environmental mod list below. 


Natural Atmospheric Tamriel (NAT) Preset 



Obsidian Weathers Preset


Cathedral Weathers Preset

Dolomite Weathers Preset                                                     Rustic Weathers Preset 


Vivid Weathers Preset                                                  Climate of Tamriel (COT) Preset 


   Surreal Lighting                                                                        Mythical Ages 


Vanilla Lighting Preset                                                Aequinoctium Preset


--------------------Videos by Youtubers-----------------


Thanks Hodilton for this amazing video                                            Thanks Ghiles B as well for this awesome video
(Old Dolomite Preset)                                                                             (NAT Preset)


Thanks PredCaliber for these amazing videos 
(Dolomite Preset)                                                                                                       (NAT Preset)


Thank You Phoenix (NAT Preset)                                      PredCaliber (Obsidian Preset)

All versions use custom LUT file to adjust colors as well as various ReShade effects that are built into the ENB to change up the color palette in Natural View Tamriel. 

Full Quality Version:
- Sharpening
- God Rays
- SubSurfaceScattering
- Image Based Lighting
- Skylighting
- Cloud Shadows
- Detailed Shadows
- Distant Shadows
- Skin Specular
- Sun Glare
- Volumetric Rays
- Complex Particle Lighting
- Bloom
-Wet effect

Quality Version:
- Sharpening
- SSAO (Lower Quality)
- God Rays
- SubSurfaceScattering
- Complex Particle Lighting
- Skylighting
- Sun Glare
- Volumetric Rays
- Bloom
- Wet effect

- Sharpening

Hot Keys:

Shift + F12 - Disable/Enable ENB All Effects
Shift+Enter - Bring up ENB menu
Shift + F7- Disable/Enable DOF
Home - Lock FPS to 59
* - Show FPS

Overall Performance Hit:(Of course, varies by PC)

Full Quality: 15-20 FPS
Quality: 8-15 FPS
Performance: 5-7 FPS

Night Eye Fix Adjustment

The Nighteye Fix is designed and tuned for Vanilla Nighteye. However, depending on your mods you are using such as predator vision or better vampires the nighteye/vampire vision might not fully trigger with ENB with the current default settings. You will have to tune this in yourself. See the video or screenshot I have posted below to see how to do it. (Link for Full Size Photo: NightEye Adjusting )


This should set the new trigger point for your nighteye/predator/vampire vision. 

Brightness- I recommend leaving at the default location a.k.a 1.0 in your skyrimprefs.ini. Easiest way to adjust brightness when use ENB is through the ENB menu in game (Shift+Enter) and then under colorcorrection adjust brightness.

SSAO-SSIL- If you are using my Full Quality/Quality presets I recommend disabling the vanilla SSAO via the graphics options if you are trying to save FPS. 

DOF- If you are using my Full Quality preset I recommend disabling vanilla DOF via the graphics options. 

AA- As of V2.0 I have added in SMAA. It is on by default. It is up to you if you want to use just SMAA or use SMAA with TAA or FXAA. You can disable SMAA as well by change the option at the top of the enbeffectpostpass shader in the enb menu. 

I do recommend a mod call bethini which is a good tool to easily adjust graphics settings beyond the vanilla graphics menu and without having to go into the ini files. Check it out here: BethINI 



Pre Step- Make sure you have the correct weather mod for the preset you are using.
Dolomite Weathers
Obsidian Weathers 
Aequinoctium Weathers
Rustic Weathers
Vivid Weathers
Climates of Tamriel (COT)
Natural Atmospheric Tamriel (NAT)
Mytical Ages 
Surreal Lighting

1. Download ENB Binary from here: ENB Binary Here

2. Extract ENB Binary folder (Suggest using program called 7-Zip) and open wrapper folder

3. Copy ONLY the d3d11.dll and d3dcompiler_46e.dll and paste into your Skyrim Game folder (Same location as launcher)

4. Download and Extract File (Recommend using a program called 7 Zip)

5. Open Main File (Install)

6. Select Version and open folder you want (Full Quality, Quality or Performance)

7. Copy all contents and paste into your Skyrim Game Folder (Same location as your launcher)

8. ( 
#8-10 Optional if want different DOF strengths) Open Optional DOF folder

9. Open Folder of DOF you want ( Stronger, Extreme, Screen-Archery, Subtle or Static)

10. Copy contents of folder and paste into your Skyrim Folder and allow to overwrite

11. (If you want weather support) Download SKSE from here and install manually: SKSE SE Build

12. (Also needed for weather support) Install ENB Helper from here: ENB Helper 

13. Now you can play Skyrim

How to Tweak ENB with Tips and Tricks

Vortex Installation 

See this video from Gopher on how to install via Vortex. It starts at about 11:50. Note: He is using Re-Engaged ENB but, the concept is the same across my ENBs. 

Delete enbseries folder, d3d11.dll, d3dcomiler_46.dll, enblocal file and enbseries file from your Skyrim Folder

This is by no means an all inclusive mod list. There are many amazing mods out there on the nexus. This is just my main environmental mods that you see in my videos and screenshots. Click on name of mod for link. This is not necessarily in load order either. 

Noble Skyrim (Oldrim)
Skyrim 2019
3D Landscapes 
3D Trees & Plants
3D Rocks
Trees Add On 
Skyrim Flora Overhaul (SFO) Trees Only (only overwrite treepineforest03)
HQ Tree Bark
Tree Bark HD (only optional Aspen texture-mossy)
Realistic HD Tree LOD-Dark Version
HD LODs Textures
Fluffy Snow
Majestic Mountains or UFHD Mountains
- Realistic Water Two
Blended Roads
HD Photorealistic Ivy
Deathbell (Oldrim)
HD Road Signs
Ember HD (not optional more orange but, using optional flame)
Rudy's HQ Light Mods (all of them)
ENB Light
-  Veydosebrom Grasses
Enhanced Lights & FX (ELFX) (with Enhancer)
Ethereal Cosmos
Obsidian Mountain Fog
Blowing in the Wind
Skyrim Is Windy


I do use many other mods for my Skyrim with myself currently running over 170 mods. Feel free to check out these mods guides to further enhance your Skyrim. 

NORDIC Skyrim - Yes Another Guide to Modding Your Skyrim SE by nordic0cold
Click Here: Nordic Skyrim


You can check out the orginal Skyrim SE Mod Guide S.E.P.T.I.M by zackalope
Click Here:
 S.E.P.T.I.M- A Load Order & Install Guide


You can check out the TUCOGuide 2.0 by ponurymazepa
Click Here:


Check out PredCalibers Youtube Channel and he walks through a Nordic Mod Guide (With some minor differences) Install using MO2 if you like to see how its done. 
(Link for the series PredCaliber YouTube Mod Guide Playlist )

1. I am getting frame rate drops and/or stutters.

ENB for SE is not equal when compared to Oldrim ENBs. So, somes performance may vary. You can try switching from windowed to borderless or vice versa. Additionally, you could disable in-game vsync and use driver to force vsync

2. Night Eye or Predator Vision does not work.

Night eye fix is now included within ENB. But, it was tuned around vanilla nighteye effect. Personal adjusting of setting may be required if using a mod that affects nighteye or vampire sight. In game bring up the menu (Shift+ENter) and expand enbeffect section and under Night Eye adjust brightness, saturation and contrast for your preference. 

3. Nights are too dark or not dark enough.

Unfortunitely I am very limited with SE ENB binaries. However, you can adjust night by a quick click of a button. See folder 3 in the download file to see how to quickly adjust nights and even interiors. Also you can adjust night and/or interiors via the in-game ENB menu then expand enbeffect and scroll down to nights or interiors and adjust settings there. 

4. Overall image is too dark or bright

Make sure to calibrate your monitor. Unfortunitely, when I create an ENB I can't take into account all the different monitors. For example those with IPS monitors will find colors darker and richer vs what I see on my TN panel monitor. 

5. How do I disable Bloom or DOF

Open the in-game ENB menu by hitting shift+enter and uncheck the lines bloom and Depth of Field and hit save towards the top of the menu. 

6. Was is your Depth of Field such a big FPS compared to other ENBs with Depth of Field

I use a different depth of filed shader by Marty McFly that includes the SSAO effect. So, actually my Depth of Field is SSAO and Depth of Field. Folder 3 in the download file shows how you can easily change that to have one effect or the other. 

7. Will you be making a realistic preset for other weather mods

Not sure yet. I want to see how this does first. 

For most Bethesda for the great game. 

Boris- For the ENB Binaries

ReShade Team- For the ReShade Effects

Marty McFly - For Enhanced Depth of Field Shader with DOF/SSAO

MaxG3D- For Bloom Shader

Mastso and Rudy- For the enbrain textures

Tapioks - For Day Night Interiors (DNI) for enbeffect Shader

JawZ- For enbeffectpostpass Shader

phinix - Implementing Nighteye fix into the ENB. (Author of The Truth ENB )

l00ping- for help implementing ReShade Effects into ENB Shaders for me and AGCC

Rudy- For implementing SMAA into my ENB

Adyss - For his ENB Add-On shader for God Rays

seymore - For the weather codes/weather file for Solstiem Weathers in my NAT Preset 

engelbert- for steering me in the right direction for the ENB rain

Thanks so much for the following people that took the time to test this for me

-- StellifyGamer --

-- maydragon --

-- 45tg67se --

-- Marthos --

-- DarkDominion --

-- Daymarr --

Thank you so very much to Stephen Griffiths for the cover photo and banners

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