Vivid Clouds and Fogs - Vanilla and Climates of Tamriel by Mangaclub
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Added: 09/11/2014 - 07:05PM
Updated: 01/11/2016 - 02:26PM

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What is this?
This Mod is part of my other Weather mod Vividian ENB - Weather and Lighting but i decided
to release a standalone version for more easy access and update reasons.

What does it do?
1. Replaces almost all Vanilla and Climates of Tamriel Cloud textures with High resolution textures.
2. Replaces all Mountain Fog textures with High Resolution textures.
3. Replaces all Groundfogs to stop overblooming and looking more like real fog
4. Replacing all Firesmokes to actually look like a damn fire! :D
5. Replaces all Steams from Dwemer ruins and robots, waterfalls, steams found in the vulcanic regions aso.
6. Now includes the Extended Grundfogs : This mod adds large distant fogs in the mountains depending on the Weather
and increases the deepness of the scenery. It will also cover up the Zbuffer fight mostly in the distant mountains. Also it adds extra
fog effects to foggy weathers. Compatible with Vanilla, COT, PW, RCRN,Purity, NLA
Not compatible with: Windy Clouds (see extended Weathers below) & the Supreme & volumetric fog Mod
Make sure your iMaxDesired ammount in the [particles] section of your skryimprefs.ini is set high enough.
I use iMaxDesired=5630 without problems.
7. Now includes the Windy Clouds Mod: This mod will speed up the cloud movement cus i think they are much too slow.
Not compatible with: Extended Groundfogs (see extended Weathers below)
Extended Weathers : This mod combines the extended Groundfogs and Windy clouds in one conflictless mod.
[font=century gothic]
You MUST use this if you want to have windy clouds and extended groundfogs features together.

ENB Optimized
All Textures are made with ENB compatibility in mind. That means they produce proper
Cloudshadows, Cloudedges and are not pre tinted like the Vanilla clouds and fog textures. 
As a result a Cloud opacity of 1.00 for your ENB and a cloudcurve of 1.30 is enought already.

Just download it with your prefered Mod organizer and install :)

The normal versions are about 2048x2084 pixels large. Medres 1024x1024.
Consider using the COT Medres Clouds if you are running the game in 1920x1080
or lower because you won't see any noticeable difference but might waste your VRAM ;)

The clouds should be Compatible with all ENB's who treat the clouds not too harsh.
Also it should be compatible with all major weather mods like Pure weather and RCRN.
But since they already come with own cloud textures you might consider to have a look at
them first.

None are known yet, just make sure they dont get overwritten by any other mod ;)

Future Plans
Hmm gimme some ideas please :D Now i replaced almost everything on clouds and Fogs in Skyrim

Rare happenings of small seams caused by Skyrim itelf and overlapping Cloud layers.
Garbaged textures are a indicator your skyrim prefs are set wrong: Set the texture quality to HIGH in the launcher
or set iTexMipMapSkip=0 in the skyrimprefs.ini

This mod must not fit your taste for clouds! Thats ok just do not brag about it ok ?:)
All screenshots are made with Vividian ENB - Weather and Lighting .
Make sure to check it out cus there is even more awsome stuff than just clouds ;)

Also check out my other mods!

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