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Mura - wSkeever - RWT Team

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Consistency patch for users of WEBaR and RWT.

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Realistic Water Two already fixes the green glow, so this mesh patch simply applies the emittance tweaks, so water effecvts don't glow as much at night.
Check the original mod by wSkeever
for more details about what this does.

While the mod's titled as a fix, I consider this more of a tweak, as there's tradeoffs that can be seen in the "known issues." Still, I am ok with the tradeoff personally. Check for yourself and judge it on your own end.

  • Install the requirements
  • This was made with RWT 5.x. If you use an older version of RWT (4 or lower), I cannot give support to you.
  • Install this mod with your preferred mod manager and overwrite all

  • Not compatible with other mesh replacers of the same files. This includes 2 meshes in Major Cities Mesh Overhaul.
  • FYX - Water Splash has an appropriate patch for it. Download their "FYX - Water Splash - RWT2 - WEBaRF" and overwrite my meshes.


  • Some Dark dungeons with no ambient lighting will have dark water unless lit.
  • Waterfalls are subject to the 7 lights per mesh limit, this was the case in vanilla, but since waterfalls glowed, it wasn't obvious. and this will make it more obvious.
  • ENB may cause some inconsistencies due to different effect shaders used. Different presets will yield varying results. Tweak the values under [PARTICLE] if necessary.
  • Sunlight may cause some water effects to take its colors, making water splashes "orange" during sunset\sunrise, which could look odd in some areas.