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The Solstheim Draugr are now distinct from those on the mainland, reflecting their eternal cannibalism as described in TES3: Bloodmoon.

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This restores Solstheim's Draugr to their appearance in the Bloodmoon DLC, along with the cannibalistic culture described.

-Solstheim variants of every draugr (299 NPCs, plus 10 corpses)
-Bloodied mouths and beards
-Glowing red eyes
-Blackened skin
-No noses
-Grave Tar ingredient

The Lore
In the Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon DLC, the Skaal alleged that the Draugr were cannibals who had been cursed by the All-Maker to eternally hunt for human meat, often called by the name Eaters of Flesh.

This is distinct from the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim's narrative for the Draugr, which claims that the Dragon Cult ritualistically attained eternal life in order to await the return of the dragons, and makes no mention of cannibalism.

When Solstheim was seen again in the TES5: Dragonborn release, it included a variant of Draugr that seemed fundamentally different than the others in Skyrim: it had an altered appearance matching that seen in Bloodmoon, and featured a blood-covered mouth reminescent of the Skaal's legends of cannibalism. But this new Draugr variant (the Hulking Draugr) is only seen at certain levels, and exists on both Solstheim and mainland Skyrim.

To fix this discrepancy between TES3 and TES5's lore, I've altered all of Solstheim's Draugr to resemble the more horrid Hulking Draugr, with bloodied mouths, noseless faces, and blackened skin. The red eyes seen in Bloodmoon have also been restored. I have not taken the Skaal's legends at face value, as I believe the story of a curse from the All-Maker developed as a moral enforcer for their culture. But the core of their knowledge, that Solstheim's Draugr sustain themselves by preying on and cannibalizing humans, can now be seen in your game.

How the Dragon Cult of Solstheim came to be cannibalistic is unclear, but we know that they had been largely isolated from their mainland counterparts and developed their own culture. When the time came to await the return of the dragons, perhaps they didn't know the methods of eternal life used on the mainland and developed their own, focused on the consumption of human flesh. Or perhaps the cult of Solstheim considered their cannibalistic method superior to that of the mainland. We may never know the exact truth.

What about the Hulking Draugr seen on mainland Skyrim? With this mod installed, every draugr has a Solstheim variant; for the Hulking Draugr, the vanilla version is used as the Solstheim variant, and a non-Solstheim Hulking Draugr was created that will be encountered on the mainland. Pic:

You replaced every single draugr on Solstheim? I tried to! If I missed any, please let me know the FormID (number that appears when you click it in the console). Note that sometimes some draugr may appear to not have been replaced if you install this game mid-save, but will be replaced when you start a new save.
I replaced them with xEdit, it would've taken ages in the Creation Kit (can you believe this small mod required 733 records??)

I want to use this model for all draugr in Skyrim! I got you covered fam. There is an alternate Replacer Version in the downloads section. That version doesn't have a plugin either.


Install: The usual. Use a mod manager, or extract the files into your Data folder and enable the plugin.
If you've already visited a crypt on Solstheim, some of the draugr in it may not be replaced until the dungeon respawns.

Uninstall: Revert to a previous save or use a save cleaner. There aren't any scripts or quest edits, but some NPCs are persistent.

Compatibility: Very compatible. But if another mod adds new draugr to Solstheim, they will not be the Solstheim variants unless you patch it. And if a mod moves or edits the existing draugr, a Merged Patch will need to be made. I recommend loading this mod early in your load order, so your other mods win if any conflicts exist.
Texture replacers will effect every draugr in this mod EXCEPT for the *female* Solstheim draugr, and the *beards and hair* of the male Solstheim draugr.
Fully compatible with Ancient Nord Stalhrim! Draugr on both mainland and Solstheim will use the Stalhrim weapons. (In the future an optional version may exist to give the Stalhrim weapons only to Solstheim draugr, but it is surprisingly difficult.)

Thanks to RustyShackleford for lore consultation.

Also available on Legendary Edition