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Authentic armor for the Imperial Legion in Oblivion style.

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This modification adds armor for the Imperial Legion in the style of Oblivion. I wanted to make a logical development of the legionnaires' equipment, which has a combination of ancient and medieval styles.

This armor replaces the standard game armor variants.

  • Scout armor - used in the legion by archers and scouts, made of thick skin plates.
  • Infantry armor is a standard armor made of metal plates. Fits for each warrior with leather straps.
  • Horseman's armor - heavier armor used by riders and captains.
  • Legat's armor - covered with silver with gold patterns. Such armor is worn by Legates and high-ranking officers, as well as by the guards of the White Tower.
  • Penitus Oculatos armor - heavy armor of the Emperor's true guards. In such armor go the best fighters of the Empire, who take all the blows to protect Emperor.
  • General's armor is the expensive and best version of imperial armor. This armor is worn by General Tullius. The armor is made of ebonit.

Also mod adds a variety of shields, cloaks and swords that match armor in style.