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Hi! I go by Vilidran.


I do mods for Skyrim. I mostly dabble with vanilla meshes, preferably weapons, make an amalgamation, and create something new to be of use.



Throughout my ongoing journey in modding, I would like to give a huge thank you to the following people:




liemertha for always bringing those gorgeous screenshots which make my mods look better than what it really is. Thank you very much as always.


DigitalCabbage for managing and porting most of my mods to SSE. Thank you for very much for extending the reach of my mods.


FafnirEtherionph4z, Caenraes, kitwitissues, trevonr2, LukeCypher for assisting me in some in-depth matters for some of the mods.


LeanWolf and PrivateEye for lighting that spark in me to partake in vanilla mesh editing.


Artisanix and therapyshiatsu for bow rigging tutorials.


DarkFox127 for FOMOD creation tutorial.


To the mod authors who continue to make Skyrim beautiful and interesting, going as far as to expand the horizons beyond what was unthinkable before. Thank you for your contagious passion.


To the people who take the time to include our mods to their video, and to those who continue to like our mods and design updates through and through.


Finally, to this site, Nexus Mods, for giving us a platform to share our work and help us get rewarded a bit as well, which for me, has a tremendous impact.


Thank you all.




At the time of this writing, a pandemic is spreading. From where I reside, the cost of recovery from this disease can go astronomical. One may opt to just end the misery, as a funeral is considerably cheaper and/or favorable, than living with an unpayable debt.


To you who's reading this at the said time of the crisis: Please keep safe.


If I am inactive for a year or more, then consider me gone. The reason might be that I don't have a PC anymore or my very self has expired.


At that event, I would like to entrust my mods to liemertha and DigitalCabbage, or to TheCareTaker if both of them are unable to.