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A zombi- er, draugr apocalypse mod. Uses a dynamic, scripted invasion system rather than thousands of hand-placed draugr. Fully MCM configurable.

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This is just a fun little experiment for the end of the world. Well, Skyrim anyway.

Be aware that Draugnarok will throw your whole game into chaos. Important people will die, cities will become battlefields, you could be forced to become a vagabond camped out in the middle of nowhere... where you hope it's still safe... but those are all reasons why you're downloading this mod in the first place, right?

Draugnarok has four stages of progression, once started from the MCM. (You should gear up or at least get into a larger, safer city, before activating the mod from the MCM.)

will feel mild... in hindsight. During this phase only small groups of draugr will be attacking the smaller settlements throughout Skyrim. Because they could be attacking anywhere at any time, you may not even notice a difference, at first. Outbreak will last about a few days, though you can change how quickly the draugr spread and the invasion progresses, in the MCM.

is when bad goes to worse. More aggressive attacks land on even the larger settlements, and the very doors of the capitals will be constantly harassed. Attempts at repelling the draugr will be answered with even greater forces arriving at the scene. You had better start thinking of where to make a safe haven for yourself. You only have a few days before...

- the climactic event - and perhaps, an extinction event. Large forces of draugr arrive at each of the capitals and will assault Jarls directly; outside, you will encounter them everywhere. On the roads, in the wilderness, in holdfasts and bandit camps, in the keeps and inns you once thought safe. Well, at least those damn bards won't be singing that same ridiculous song any more! And soon, there may be no more songs left for men to sing.

comes a few days later. The largest waves of invasion forces are spent, though the cities remain littered with corpses, both fallen and roaming. The greater threat is past, but the damage is done... and still, the infestation smolders, as occasional attacks still come and go, for all of time: This stage never ends.

Will you and your companions fight to free Skyrim from the tyranny of the dead? Will you skulk about the fringes of combat, trying desperately to preserve your own life? Will you revel in the carnage and the chaos?