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ALL saddlebags in the game let you hold 9,000 weight when equipped. No scripts, no bin folders, no fuss. New Game Plus compatible. BHE version available.

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Nothing fancy here, just allows you to hold 9,000 weight without conflicts, scripts, and folder moving.
Just simply install with NMM, equip any saddlebag in your game, and you're done.

Every saddlebag in the game now holds 9,000 weight when equipped on your horse.
Includes all DLC saddlebags, as well (No Expansions versions available in the optional section).
In-game weight benefits like Strong Back, Griffin Trophy, Potions, and Decoctions stack with this mod.

4 versions available

Regular- Just the saddlebag weight allowance increase.

Regular - No Expansions- Same as above but without Blood and Wine or Hearts of Stone Expansions. Free DLC support still included.

BHE Edition: for those using Better Horse Equipment, this file does everything that mod does while also increasing the saddlebag encumbrance level to 9,000 . Recommend removing that mod and using this file instead as they both modify the same xml files and are not compatible when used together.

BHE Edition - No Expansions- Same as above but without Blood and Wine or Hearts of Stone Expansions. Free DLC support still included.

DO NOT MERGE THIS WITH MOD MERGER, the program warns against merging .xml files like these.