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It's a Pokeball...that you throw...and it explodes! Added to the leveled lists of grenades, sold by vendors, and craft-able at a chem station. ESL flagged!

Permissions and credits
Custom, standalone Pokeball Grenades to add to your arsenal. Slightly stronger than a frag grenade.
All plugin options are now ESL flagged with v1.1 to save space in your load order.

You can find these around the Wasteland in any container that spawns grenades, or buy them from NPC vendors.

Alternatively, you can craft them at a Chem Station

Demolition Expert 1
1 Adhesive
2 Plastic
1 Spring
2 Fertilizer

The injection script will add the grenades to relevant vanilla leveled lists without the need to edit them directly. Doing it this way will allow for maximum compatibility with other mods that add items to the same lists.

During the FOMOD installation, using the Mod Manager of your choice, you will have options for vanilla weights, weightless, and sorting tags. 

Models and Diffuse Texture by lilkandeekid
Script created using Leveled List Injection Toolbox