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Adds New Meshes and Textures For Sanctuary Roofs, Foundations, Carports and Player Home. Texture-Only File Available.

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I loved the new roofs that other repair mods offered, but there were things about them that grinded my gears. I prepared an image in the gallery to show a comparison of one of those issues. The main thing about the roof repair mods available was the lack of decent texture options for the actual roof they were repairing and a few mesh issues.

Then I stumbled across The Sanctuary by Cip3000. He had some real shingle textures that were amazing, but the normal and specular maps were vanilla. I went to work to fix some contrast issues with the diffuse texture and built proper normal and specular maps to give the texture some realistic depth.

This mod fixes Post-War roofs by adding new, modified Pre-War meshes and vanilla Pre-War textures for the carports, player home, ceilings, and foundations. The broken house foundations and broken carport textures were left alone but their broken roof textures reflect the changes I made to the new roof textures. 

There are options available with or without the player home updates, although the roof will still stay repaired regardless. Due to the nature of both our mods' meshes calling on Pre War textures, my mod's roof textures will replace those of Rebuild - Modular Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set by Parcel Studio Games. Screenshot of how that looks is available in the images section.

Roof Textures Replacer: This is only for applying roof textures to mods like 
Sanctuary Hills Restoration - Relaunch and Rebuild - Modular Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set or any vanilla or modded mesh that uses ShinglesMetal01 or ShinglesMetalRubble01 as it's texture.

If Your Roofs Are Not Showing Up As Repaired

Add Spring Cleaning Compatibility Patch (Highly Recommended). I recommend you install the ini compatibility version (Main File). Load the esp after any plugins that edit settlements. If you are not sure, you can drop it dead-last in your load order. This will disable PreCombined Meshes for vanilla settlements only. You do not need a scrap mod for this to work, despite it's name.

Mods Used In Screenshots

Realistic Sanctuary Roads by ThatSpartacusGuy
Regrowth Overhaul by Spiffyskytrooper
Paint That House by zumika
Rebuild - Modular Sanctuary Pre-War and Post-War Build Set by Parcel Studio Games

Utilities Used In Creation

B.A.E. - Bethesda Archive Extractor
Photoshop CS6 with Nvidia Texture Plugin