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Adds Realistic Road Texture Options to Sanctuary's Roads and Sidewalks. Many Options Available For You!

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Road and sidewalk textures for Sanctuary because vanilla it... just... it just does not work for me.

There are 16 options available, titles of which are self explanatory. Lore-Friendly versions have clean, faded concrete textures with cracks and seams. I added a Vanilla Roads Texture Reset file. Use this to reset textures when switching from a "Pre and Post" file to an "Only" file, between a "Pre Only" and "Post Only" (vice versa too), or to revert all your textures back to vanilla, for whatever reason. Added additional gravel material files that require special install instructions (see sticky in the posts for additional information).

New Options Available!
Nuka World Themed Sidewalks and Cobblestone Roads 

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The Black and Lighter variants have their cracks removed on both the road and sidewalks. The only seams in the textures are where the vanilla mesh pieces intersect.

I highly recommend you download Sanctuary Clean Roads by Pyskiper so you can remove those disgusting, unscrappable dirt overflows from the road. Also grab a scrap mod like Scrap Everything to remove the foliage that might be overgrown on your roads and sidewalks. These are not required, but go get them anyway.

Recommended Mods

Sanctuary Clean Roads by Pyskiper
Scrap Everything by shadowslasher410 and Kuroitsune

Recommended Textures (not included in my mod, see images)

Gravel Redone 4k by Doodlezoid and texturelib people
Vivid Fallout - Landscapes by Hein84


Spiffyskytrooper for Realistic Roads and Regrowth Overhaul