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Replaces the Vault Suit model with the Swim Suit model so you can wear a Swim Suit under your armor. Why not, right?

Permissions and credits
Have you ever wanted to wear the Swim Suit under your armor? Well, now you can! This replaces the Vault Suit with the model for the Swim Suit. Male and Female both included. All benefits of the Vault Suit Linings will still apply to the suit and your character. The Swim Suit costume is unaffected by this mod and still functions as Bethesda intended.

I kept the inventory and dropped models as the Vault Suit so you know what you are equipping, and so that if there is a suit to loot in the open world, you will know it is a vault suit and not think it is a swim suit costume.

Just something I made for fun. Enjoy!

You will be barefoot because the Swim Suit model does not contain footwear.


Baka Version: 
  1. Download and extract the Loose version you want and place the meshes folder into your Fallout 76 Data folder
  2. Follow program instructions on the Baka File page.

  1. Download and extract the Ba2 version you want and place the ba2 into your Fallout 76 Data folder
  2. Add the VaultSwimSuit.ba2, VaultSwimSuitFemaleOnly.ba2, and/or VaultSwimSuitMaleOnly.ba2 to your archive load list in Fallout76Custom.ini

First Time ba2 users:
  1. Create or edit the following file: Documents\My Games\Fallout 76\Fallout76Custom.ini
  2. Copy and paste the following lines into your Fallout76Custom.ini:

(Note: choose only one entry listing, depending on your install)

sResourceArchive2List = VaultSwimSuit.ba2
sResourceArchive2List = VaultSwimSuitFemaleOnly.ba2
sResourceArchive2List = VaultSwimSuitMaleOnly.ba2

Add the name of any new ba2 files you install, moving forward.

From registrator2000, author of Better Inventory:

As of Patch 10, it is no longer necessary to include base game archives in the above list.

Patch 10 introduces hardcoded internal lists for several archive lists, ensuring that vanilla game assets are always loaded irregardless of custom archive list overrides. Custom archive lists continue to be loaded by the game, after vanilla archives. (This is the current behavior as of Patch 10, but do keep in mind that this may again change in future game updates.)