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Customise the camera positioning in and out of combat, which is dependant on your stance and weapon choice, for a more unique and immersive experience.

Werewolf and Vampire Lord are supported, along with Shoulder Swapping and a Real-time Camera Editor.

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  • Polish
I have finally decided to unhide this mod and that after 2 years no one has been able to replicate the work, I will be uploading my own personal camera mod again with fixes in place that were meant to be released before. I use this for my own playthroughs and never encountered a problem, so I hope it is the same for you aswell.

I will NOT be doing any feature requests or bug fixes, it is as is. I view it as complete, and I will not be updating this again. So please enjoy this mod, and I hope it makes skyrim that much better for you 


This is a mod that will allow you to define the horizontal, vertical and zoom of your camera whilst in and out of combat. It will also change your camera in combat depending on your weapon set, stance and race to allow for a unique third person experience. I hope you enjoy this mod! :)

Enhanced 3rd Person Camera

Since the mod has now overgone a major overhaul in the 1.0 update, you may change the camera setting either through the MCM menu, or with the Editor.

Please note, this mod is complex for a reason. It is to give the user FULL control over the camera in pretty much every situation.

Camera Settings

    The camera settings are as follows:
  • Standing
  • Sneaking
  • Transformed
  • Standing and Sneaking share the same weapon combinations of:
  • Sword and Shield
  • Dual Wield
  • Two Handed
  • Unarmed
  • Spells and Staves
  • Spell Sword
  • Bow
  • Crossbow

Whilst the Transformed will only have general and combat cameras.

To know which weapon combination come under which section please refer to the grid below:

Ss = Sword and shield, Dw = Dual Wield, Hh = 2 Handed, Un = Unarmed, Sas = Spell and Staff, Sps = Spell sword, Bw = Bow, Cw = Crossbow.
1 <weapon> means one-handed whilst 2 <weapon> means two handed, Grayed-out section denotes either the left or right hand.

Alternatively, you could just enable the combat style notifications in the options menu and that will tell you for your currently equipped items.

Shoulder Swapping

This is simply, you press a button that is rebindable in the option menu, and it'll switch the view to the other shoulder.

Real-time Editor

This mode is abit more complex, when entering the mode it will disable movement so do NOT use during combat and only in a safe place, it is easy to exit the mode just press the button that is binded in the options menu.

Once in the mode, you will be notified, the controls are as follows:

You will still be able to enter your inventory so you may change weapons, also you can still activate the shoulder button to see what the view will look like. Vampire Lord and Werewolf are also supported for this mode.

Simply exit and carry on playing.

Extra Information

Each option has a corresponding XZY values (normal camera only has XZ as the vanity camera controls the zoom, usually changeable by holding the F key).

The values are named the following as this diagrams shows:

X - axis, controls the left and right movement of the camera
Z - axiz, controls the up and down movement of the camera
Y - axiz, controls the forward and backwards movement of the camera

In the MCM, I have allowed upto 100 max each way, with 0.5 increments. If there is a demand, I could later patch in an update to define your own values, but for now I felt these would be more than enough without hindering play.


Latest Skyrim Patch (1.9.32), Latest SKSE (1.6.15) and SkyUI (4.0) will be needed.
If you do not have these requirements, please do NOT install this mod, or do so but I will not support it.

Preparation Before Installing

Before, I had you go into your skyrim.ini file and mess about with the camera values, well now you don't have to. It will work without anymore messing about with that important file.

If you are updating from the 0.9, I do apologize in advance that your values will not pass over. It's just I had to change alot of the code with how much I have edited and changed.


Simple download with the Nexus Mod Manager and let it do the work, or alteratively just dump it in the Skyrim folder as I have already set it up properly in the file hierarchy.

Make sure it is below or further down in the load order than SkyUI, or alternatively use BOSS to sort out the load order.

When loading into the game, the MCM menu will initialize once a notification says MCM registered : 1 menu.

This applies to both the 0.9 and 1.0 versions:

Remove the Enhanced 3rd Person Camera Mod from NMM or deleting the Enhanced 3rd Person Camera.esp, the scripts (EnhancedCameraAliasScript.pex, EnhancedCameraMCM.pex, EnhancedCameraScript.pex) and the image found in interface/EC/

If you are upgrading a save from 0.9 to 1.0, you have a lil bit to do to stop any conflicts from the old MCM menu.

First off, load up your save with none of the Enhanced 3rd Person Mods installed, wait until it no longer shows in the MCM menu.

Save your game, enable the new mod and wait for the MCM registered : 1 mod to appear and you are good to go.

If you are upgrading a save from 1.0 to 1.0.1, you need only install 1.0.1 without any worries as it was only a script change and nothing drastic.
Known Issues
There are no issues that I am aware of whilst testing each section as it was implemented.

If you have trouble aiming however, this is not due to the mod itself, but a bug with the Skyrim engine itself. I recommend using the [ url= ] Proper Aiming Mod [ /url ] to reduce the effect.

Aslong as another mod does not edit the ini values in-game and actively try to apply them, then there will be no conflicts. (Actual ini values found in the Skyrim.ini are not changed at all, they are merely used as a reference each time a game session is started.)

Version History

    V 1.0.1
  • Detection for Spell sword category is now fixed
  • The standing notification for the Spell and Staff intially said "Sword and Staff", it is now fixed
  • V1.0
  • Overhaul of MCM menu
  • Scripts have undergone major changes
  • Vampire Lord/Werewolf Support
  • Shoulder Swapping
  • Real-time Editor
  • Y-Values finally Implemented!
  • V0.9
  • Implemented Standing/Sneaking/Horse Camera tweaking;
  • Able to choose General and Combat views;

Please do not distribute any of these files anywhere else, I want this to stay on the Nexus only.
If you would like to use any of the code, then please get in touch with me before hand.

Bethesda Game Studios for such an amazing game.
Skyrim Nexus for hosting mod.
Topeira for the idea of such a mod.
SKSE team for making this mod possible.
SKYUI team for the MCM menu.
XP32 for having me as a recommendation.
And thank you everyone so far that has Endorsed this mod so far :)!!!