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An alternate start mod with a wide range of options, including the ability to play as a non-Dragonborn character. Updated and significantly reworked according to my vision.

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Skyrim Unbound Reborn is an alternate start mod that skips the vanilla intro and changes how the game begins, with a wide range of options and a great customization ability. It also allows you to play as a non-dragonborn, without the main quest, shouts and absorbing dragon souls.

Skyrim Unbound Reborn is an updated and significantly reworked version of Skyrim Unbound. There are lots of changes, the main ones are listed in this article.

Game Start

You no longer begin the game in a cart going to Helgen. When you start the game, Helgen is already destroyed and you weren't there when it happened, haven't met Ralof, Hadvar, Ulfric or Tullius.

1. Open Skyrim Unbound MCM (System > Mod Configuration > Skyrim Unbound, may need some time to appear on heavy load orders) and configure your start as you want. In the MCM you can choose from plenty of various locations to start at, choose your starting items, spells, standing stone or randomize these options. You can choose to start as a vampire or werewolf, set bounty on your head, start as a local inhabitant at your starting location and more. All options have descriptions displayed at the bottom when you hover over them. By default everything is randomized, with special options like vampire/werewolf or bounty on your head disabled.

Pay attention to the "Dragonborn" option (on the first page) that defines if you're the Dragonborn or not (random by default).

You can save MCM settings to presets or replace the default preset. If you want to start with a preset without changing any settings, instead of going into the MCM you can just press the hotkey (Enter) and select a preset.

2. Click on the Begin Your Adventure option (the first option on the first MCM page) or press the hotkey when you're not in a menu (the hotkey is set on the last MCM page and is Enter by default).

3. You get to the starting room, the character creation menu opens. After you create your character and close it, you will be given a choice:
Continue - Start the game.
Swap Gear - Re-add all the items (which can give you a different result) and open the character creation menu again.
Stay Here - Stay in the starting room. Press the hotkey to choose an action: Continue, Swap Gear or Edit Character. Choose Continue or use the first MCM option again to start the game.

4. Your adventure begins with no quests in your journal (except for some options).

(Yes, there's no vanilla start option)

Main Quest and Dragons

The first few chapters of the main questline are bypassed - you no longer have to report about a dragon in Helgen to Jarl Balgruuf, obtain the Dragonstone for Farengar, defeat Mirmulnir for Jarl Balgruuf, or go to Helgen or Whiterun to start the main quest at all.

Unlike vanilla, there's no quest during which you encounter your first dragon and after completing which dragons start to appear everywhere. Instead, dragons just start to appear everywhere at some point of the game, which means that you can encounter your first dragon (and start the main quest) in any area of Skyrim.
The game begins with no dragons, Skyrim Unbound delays them depending on the MCM settings. The delay has two stages - dragons at word walls appear after the first stage, and after the second stage dragons start to appear randomly in the world as well. By default each stage lasts 7-21 days. In the MCM you can customize the delay and choose between timed and leveled modes.

The main questline starts when you absorb a dragon soul for the first time - you'll be summoned to High Hrothgar by the Greybeards after a while. The first word of the Unrelenting Force will be learned automatically after this, or you can find it earlier in Bleak Falls Barrow.

The Bleak Falls Barrow quest is available as a side quest (it's not a part of the main questline anymore) - to start it, say "I'm looking for work." to Jarl Balgruuf (you must have at least neutral relationship rank with him).

Skyrim Unbound allows you to play as a non-dragonborn, without shouts, the ability to absorb dragon souls and without playing the main questline (including the main questline of Dragonborn DLC). Civil War, The Whispering Door and In My Time of Need can be finished without encountering dragons or being Dragonborn.

Whiterun Thaneship

After you complete Bleak Falls Barrow quest, Breezehome will be available for purchase and a dialogue to start a standard thaneship quest (help people of the hold and buy a house to become a thane) will appear.

In the MCM (on the last page) you can change the prerequisite quest from Bleak Falls Barrow to The Blessings of Nature, either quest or both quests. If The Blessings of Nature is set as a prerequisite quest or one of them, you need to talk to Balgruuf when the Gildergreen tree is repaired/the sapling blooms (he will thank you when you "activate" him).


Hard requirements:
Soft requirements (without them some features won't be available):
  • PapyrusUtil - for addons, presets, global settings, SkyrimUnboundBalance.json and StandingStones.json.


Just install with your mod-manager.
I'm still working on this mod, so click "Track" at the top of the page to start tracking updates.

You also can use one of the xEdit scripts from the optional files to enable standing stone descriptions in the MCM:
You can enable standing stone descriptions in the MCM by creating a StandingStones.json in Data\SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SkyrimUnbound\. There are two  xEdit (SSEEdit) scripts in the optional files that automatically generate it.
The only difference between them is the output directory. The "Quick" version automatically puts the file into its working directory, the "Select Directory"... allows you to select an output directory.

The instructions are also duplicated in the scripts themselves:

1. Load all plugins in xEdit or at least make sure to load any mods that change standing stones effects.
2. Apply the script on any plugin (it will be applied to all loaded plugins).
3. Check the log on xEdit console to see if descriptions are extracted correctly.

Select Directory
1. Load all plugins in xEdit or at least make sure to load any mods that change standing stones effects.
2. Apply the script on any plugin (it will be applied to all loaded plugins).
3. Select the output directory (a dialogue will appear).
4. Check the log on xEdit console to see if descriptions are extracted correctly.

A constant bCutAfterLastIndent can be set to true to remove the last paragraph from the description if there are more than one.

The file must be re-generated when you change or remove your starting stone mod, or if its effects were changed in an update.
No need to re-generate it after updating SUR.

Some recommended mods:
  • Dragonactorscript infinite loop fix - a replacement for Dragon Stalking Fix, which was included in the original mod (yes, works on LE too).
  • Misc Dialogue Edits - adjusts more dragons-related dialogues for proper immersion, other changes are also great.
  • RaceMenu - more character creation options, character presets.


Extension Framework

Skyrim Unbound Reborn allows to create addons that add more available options, see Creating Addons for Skyrim Unbound Reborn.