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Aim Fix by NeOniq - 3PCO by Watang

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Provides a long-awaited and much-needed crosshair fix for ranged combat to allow mages or archers and assassins have the same accuracy for each camera view and even in a sneaking position or on horseback! (3PCO++ is an alternative version based the known 3PCO mod providing the smooth camera follow feature).

Permissions and credits
3PCO - it's a wolds best camera mod and all the regards and applause to Watang! I'm very grateful to Watang for allowing me to publish alternative version (fork) of his mod with some new features!



(you can quickly find the info you need - just select the header text and use browser quick search)
What is the Auto-Aim actually?
What difference between the AIM FIX feature of 3PCO++ and a known Proper Aiming mod?
Which variant of 3PCO++ file should I download - the one [with Auto-Aim Off] or the [Optional]?
The Aim Fix ARCHER function
The Aim Fix WARMAGE function
The Aim Fix STAVES function
How to experience the AIM FIX in action with it's default settings?
The issues of Skyrim related to ranged combat, which can be compensated with AIM FIX
The ideas, some of which can be implemented in future versions of 3PCO++
Recommended mods

Original 3PCO mod (3rd person camera overhaul) provides the "Smooth following camera", which you can learn more on the original mod page.
In case of a problems related to original 3PCO mod, like "MCM does not appear" or "the mod does not work",
I recommend to look for a solution on the 3PCO comments page.


3PCO++ is the alternative version (fork) of the 3PCO mod, published under permission of Watang - the author of the original 3PCO mod. In general, 3PCO++ differs from the original 3PCO mod by the added AIM FIX feature and changed default settings, while preserving all main functionality of 3PCO mod.
The main purpose of 3PCO++ with the AIM FIX is to achieve the same accuracy for each camera view and under certain conditions, in order to get rid of some issues* related to ranged combat in Skyrim, which makes 3PCO++ to be more like "ranged combat assistance camera" mod.
(* see the list of these Skyrim issues below, at the end of these page)

3PCO++ for SSE can be found HERE.


The 3PCO++ mod is simple to use, but this description is needed to finally understand how exactly the ranged combat works in Skyrim.


Q: What is the Auto-Aim actually?
A: With the Auto-Aim ("Aim-assist" as it is also called) Skyrim controls some "dead zone of the deviation" and implicitly changes the projectile's fall point to count hit in a target, even if it should fly by (miss). Despite false hits, the Auto-Aim is still necessary because of the game engine: Auto-Aim is responsible for "drawing" the projectile's flight trajectory in correct angle in according with the crosshair position. So, if you disable the Auto-Aim by yourself or by some archery mod, you will not able to accurately aim using crosshair, until you use the AIM FIX feature of the 3PCO++ mod. Please read further and you will learn much more.

Q: What difference between the AIM FIX feature of 3PCO++ and a known Proper Aiming mod?
A: The difference huge:
  • The Proper Aiming mod increases the values of Auto-Aim parameters to make Skyrim "draw" the projectile's trajectory flying into crosshair from any angle. But unfortunately, this leads to increasing an number of false target hits and makes aiming in game indecently easy and unfair. So, the Proper Aiming mod better fits for inexperienced shooters or those who playing with gamepad.
  • The AIM FIX feature of 3PCO++ mod, providing absolute control over the accuracy and making you able to fix it, regardless of whether the Auto-Aim is disabled or not, also when the accuracy is going crazy because of other mods. So you can even use Proper Aiming mod with 3PCO++ AIM FIX (just use the optional download without affecting Auto-Aim). In the other hand, 3PC++ AIM FIX with completely disabled Auto-Aim nicely fits for ranged combat enthusiasts, who want to shoot "like a pro" and not deceive himself by the false hits.

Q: Which variant of 3PCO++ file should I download - the one [with Auto-Aim Off] or the [Optional]
A: Just evaluate the pros and cons of using 3PCO ++ without Auto-Aim or with it, depending on your game controller:

Pros and Cons of the 3PCO++ [with Auto-Aim Off] (main version in downloads section):
  • Pros: If you play with a mouse, it will be more fun and dramatic to miss than to be deceived by a false hit with Auto-Aim.
  • Pros: Steam Controller fits well for playing with Auto-Aim, if you are experienced shooter.
  • Cons: It will be much harder to aim with the gamepad.
Pros and Cons of the 3PCO++ [not affecting the Auto-Aim]
(optional version in downloads section):
  • Pros: In case of using gamepad, help of the Auto-Aim is justified and fair enough.
  • Pros: Steam Controller still fits for playing without Auto-Aim, if you are inexperienced shooter.
  • Cons: If you play with a mouse, it will be much easier to hit the enemies in ranged combat, which is unfair, unless you are not experienced shooter.



3PCO++ added features:
  • The AIM FIX feature, that maintain the accuracy of ranged combat to be the same for each camera view, weapon/spell, and the positions while horseback and sneaking So AIM FIX makes 3PCO++ to be more like "ranged combat assistance camera" mod.
  • GUI: The normal crosshair remain visible in sneak mode, and the sneak eye position changed to bottom left of the screen.
  • [Optional] The Auto-Aim is completely disabled in Skyrim to make aiming in ranged combat more fair: prevent some false headshots done by the player and false target hits at very long distance.

Changed options of the original 3PCO:
  • MCM "Ranged Camera" section: "X-Aside from Actor" now can have a negative value to make character always be at opposite side of the screen (the right side).
  • All MCM camera sections: Option "Default X-offset" now it works with the "Smooth camera follow" enabled. As a result, the camera will always seeks for position that will be aside from the character. This will also prevents blurring (loosing of focus) of the screen in case of using ENB with DoF (Depth of Field), also there is no need to lift up camera view too high above the head.
  • Removed apply FOV feature: it's better you change the FOV by any other method you like.
  • Default camera view settings was changed, mostly to make the character be aside from the center of the screen.
  • Renamed some options labels to make them more understandable without reading the description.



First you setting up the position of the crosshair on the screen, and then these settings will be automatically applied under certain conditions, individually for:
  • Camera view - 1st / 3rd person
  • Character's position - standing / sneaking / horseback
  • Weapon type - used / equipped
  • Spell cast - left hand / right hand / both hands / the staff

Setting AIM FIX is necessary to ensure that the crosshair matches the aiming point in accordance with the conditions described above, so you can aim through the crosshair and hit the target as expected. In this way, you repeat the setting for each combination of conditions that you want to use in the game. As a result, you will notice that the crosshair moves a little in according with settings defined by you.
From that moment there is no matter what camera view you switch while in combat, because you will hit the target with the same accuracy, as it had to be.

The AIM FIX functions are sub-divided by purpose into appropriate MCM sections:
  • Aim Fix ARCHER - for a bows and crossbows;
  • Aim Fix WARMAGE - for the spell casting;
  • Aim Fix STAVES - for the magic staves.

Each of the function have a special SNEAKIN' MCM page for convenient settings layout without scrolling.


The Aim Fix ARCHER function:

This function automatically (in background) adjusts user-defined settings for the crosshair position on the screen while using ranged weapon, in according to the character's position and current camera view.
As for the archery physics, the arrow (bolt) flies along an inclined trajectory. In the game the angle of this trajectory can be adjusted by the appropriate parameters in the SKYRIM.INI file. Therefore, if you want to keep the tilt up angle to be realistic, change the Aim Fix ARCHER settings in the MCM menu in allowance with that tilt up angle parameter. To do this, just shoot in the target before activating 3PCO++ mod in your load order, and remember (e.g. by making screenshot) how much lower the arrow will hit than the crosshair. In other words, with the ARCHER function you can achieve any accuracy you personally like: from realistic tilt up angle to the "bullet-accurate" shooting directly in the crosshair - it will be your personal preference.

The way how exactly the Archery works with the Auto-Aim disabled:
Many people playing Skyrim for a years with Auto-Aim disabled (e.g. with Archery Gameplay Overhaul or other similar mods) and they just get used to it and hitting most of the targets by aiming away from crosshair in different directions. Now with the AIM FIX the mechanics without Auto-Aim become predictable and simple:
The fixed distance of 100% accuracy is the main basis. Choose your fixed distance for the AIM FIX setup more carefully to make it match the average distance, that you meet in most of the ranged combat situations. When adjustments was set and you have achieved expected accuracy at chosen distance, then just get use to this aiming method: when shooting the enemy close by you aim more to the right, and at the sniper distance aim little to the left. It's because the further is distance to a target the more to the right arrow will fly aside from the crosshair, and in the other hand, if the enemy is much closer than the chosen AIM FIX fixed distance, then arrow will fly more to the left aside from the crosshair. Its a boundaries of Skyrim, not the mod.
If you ever had to shoot with a classic bow in real life, I will say, that the mechanics without Auto-Aim is close enough to a real life, because when you pull a bow, then the released arrow will always deviate at little angle, and you have to turn aiming point aside when releasing the arrow to compensate this deviation, just like in Skyrim. So, what you get with the 3PCO++ AIM FIX is much better than vanilla with Auto-Aim or without it, because the mechanics becomes familiar with time.
So, the difference in aiming is "bright" enough: without the AIM FIX you have to remember how far from the crosshair you need to aim and in what direction: higher and aside while sneaking, for different weapons and spells aim directions can vary, and who knows where to aim while on horseback :) As for the AIM FIX assisted aiming: when shooting the enemy close by, aim more to the right; at the sniper distance - aim little to the left. The aiming height should be observed as usual - in accordance with the Tilt Up Angle.


The Aim Fix WARMAGE function:

This function automatically (in background) adjusts user-defined settings for the crosshair position on the screen while using magic spells, in according to the character's position and current camera view.

Examples of equip combinations for spells & weapons, being handled by the WARMAGE:
  • a spell in left hand and the weapon/staff - in right, and vise versa;
  • shield & spell in right hand;
  • spells in both hands.
The adjustments will apply individually for each hand as soon as you cast.

Spell casting in both hands at the same time will be detected and handled as one separate equip combination - dual spells.
The order how the WARMAGE function handles dual spells having charging time:
  • As you start casting with one hand, you can see how the crosshair moves a little (it's Aim Fix apply for one handled spell casting).
  • Then while holding the first attack button, you hold down a second attack button and see another movement of the crosshair - it's the dual spells adjustment was applied.
  • After that you can aim at the target correctly and release both attack buttons to shoot with charged spells.

Note that the WARMAGE function detects a presence of spell in each hand, but not the specific spell.
The default settings for the WARMAGE was made with the "Ice Spike" spell, because of a smallest projectile, that can be seen as the dot when it hits a target.


The Aim Fix STAVES function:

This function automatically (in background) adjusts user-defined settings for the crosshair position on the screen while using magic staves, in according to the character's position and current camera view. The Aim Fix STAVES handles individual adjustments for a staff in right or left hand, and separately for equip combinations of a staff and one-handled weapon or shield.
The STAVES function detects spell casting with dual staves and handles this like the Aim Fix WARMAGE function does this for dual spells.
In additional the STAVES function handles the opposite equip combination with a staff & spell: "R-spell + L-staff" and "R-Staff + L-Spell".
Like the WARMAGE, the STAVES function also detects a presence of a staff in each hand, but not determines the specific staff.



Demo of the Aim Fix ARCHER function and how to set it up (old version of the video)
I want to apologize in advance for some inconsistencies in pronunciation, English is not my native language. Please use YouTube generated subtitles for better understanding.

This video will be supplemented with new added features soon.

You should know the basic factors that breaking the accuracy of the crosshair in Skyrim:
  • Changing of the camera FOV (field of view) is the main parameter that directly affects crosshair position and projectile flight direction.
  • The mods of different types like combat overhauls, custom animations, camera mods, etc.
  • The SKYRIM.INI archery parameters: 1PArrowTiltUpAngle, 3PArrowTiltUpAngle, 1PBoltTiltUpAngle and some other.

The procedure of the AIM FIX setup (calibration) basically goes under this scheme: test shot, estimation of a deviation degree in the projectile hit point, adjustment of the corresponding parameter via MCM, a check shot.
Before the setup you must choose a testing location in the game having some training target for archery (e.g. Helgen) and obtain for your character all the weapons/spells needed for test shooting, by the game rules or via console commands.
Pick a position before the target at fixed distance, which you think is the most frequent combat distance that you usually meet in the game (e.g. 10 steps).

The Aim Fix setup procedure:
1. Test shot: Equip your favored weapon/spell and make sure, that you are aiming the crosshair right at the training target's center, and then do your shot/cast.
2. Come close to the target and estimate the deviation degree from the target center to the projectile hit point. If the projectile did not hit the target at all, then shot couple of times to remember the approximate degree of deviation from the crosshair. At this moment all you have to do it's not precisely imagine how far is the hit point from the crosshair, when you shoot.
3. Now in MCM menu you will need to make an adjustment of a corresponding parameter to displace the position of an aiming point and the crosshair. For the horizontal deviation use the "Aim-X" and for vertical use the "Aim-Y". These parameters are measured in relative units to which it is easy to get used, it is enough try то change the value and shoot to see how the crosshair and the hit point converge or diverge.
4. The check shot. Remember always to aim the crosshair at the target's center, whatever how much the crosshair is off-center after setting the parameters. Shoot and watch where the projectile goes, and repeat all steps of the setup procedure until the crosshair and hit point converges.


How to experience the AIM FIX features in action with it's default settings?

3PCO++ have default settings included, and they will work "out of the box", if there are no mods in your load order that eventually broke the accuracy.
You must temporally turn off any other mods potentially affecting the accuracy, to make the game almost vanilla (it's better to turn off all mods to be 100% sure). Also use only a clean save or start new game when you load it with 3PCO++ activated. When you load the game only (or almost) with 3PCO++, the accuracy will be perfect at 10 steps distance from the target in any camera view and for any type of ranged attack
Please note, that 3PCO++ was made as a tool to fix accuracy using the AIM FIX individually for personal set of mods, instead of reversely configuring the game to make AIM FIX work.

SKYRIM.INI settings suitable for the AIM FIX defaults:


f11PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7
f3PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7
f1PBoltTiltUpAngle = 0.7



The issues of Skyrim related to ranged combat, which can be compensated with AIM FIX:
  • Projectiles fall at different heights while in 1st or 3rd person view, while each time you aim at same point on target, and even with equal values for all "TiltUpAngle" parameters of SKYRIM.INI (e.g. f1PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7 and f3PArrowTiltUpAngle = 0.7).
  • |It's impossible to set the f3PBoltTiltUpAngle tweak, because it simply not works or does not exists at all. So again, you get bolts falling at different heights in different camera views.
  • When Skyrim's Auto-Aim settings is disabled or adjusted by some mod, arrows and bolts will fly by unpredictable trajectory from the aimed crosshair, and their angles of deviation is differs for 1st and 3rd person.
  • If you shoot while character is on horseback, the projectile fly at very high trajectory and with a large offset, forcing you to want to say many obscene words :)
  • If you shoot the target while standing very close to it, the projectile will hit the surface much lower than the aimed crosshair.


The ideas, some of which can be implemented in future versions of 3PCO++:

  • MCM option for toggle sneak eye position on the screen.
  • MCM option for toggle messages when AIM FIX applies.
  • MCM option for "sheathed": adjustable crosshair position.
  • Skyrim ranged combat settings: realistic (reduced) accuracy of NPC Archers (e.g. less arrows in your head, while you try to reach bandit archer, because it's just a bandit, not the professional sniper).
  • Support for Enhanced Camera mod: AIM FIX for the 1st person camera while on horseback.
  • New Aim Fix WARRIOR feature for melee.
  • New Aim Fix DANCING feature that make possible to dynamically adjust the crosshair in according to character moving from side to side while in combat, and perhaps support of the "smooth camera follow" too.
  • New Aim Fix OPTICS feature that allow to switch between predefined sets of the crosshair adjustments for different distances and FOV (e.g. while zoomed in).

Recommended mods:

  • Locational Damage - perfectly fits with 3PCO++ AIM FIX, especialy with Skyrim's Auto-Aim completely disabled.
  • Enhanced Camera - the best 1st person camera mod, which is perfectly complements 3PCO, in addition if the accuracy now can be fixed with AIM FIX, than why not?! :) Despite it difficult to achive good .INI-settings setup for Enhanced Camera, it's still possible. I consider to provide my tweaked .INI-file, if there will be requests.
  • Wildcat - Combat of Skyrim - the best combat overhaul!
  • ABT - Arrows and Bolts Tweaks - change the arrow's speed, damage, deep of impact and more!



Chinese translation maintainer - leochan125


If the 3PCO++ AIM FIX features gave you a possibility to fix the aiming and correct the crosshair - please support me by donating / endorsing / or by posting a kind words in the comments :)

If you like 3PCO smooth camera follow feature please support Watang - the author of the original 3PCO mod !

That's all! Thanks for reading to the end :)
Good luck!