Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Some icon packs for M.U.X. for a plethora of mods.

Permissions and credits

- M.U.X.
(this is the only actual requirement for this mod, the others are just to list the mods that packs have been made for).

Contributor Credits

- Anro19 (some of the icons from the original mod are included here).
- Me!
- ZhangShutao for Heffy's AKs and AR15s - Remade Pack.

Included Icons

- AGE.
- A World Of Pain.
- A World Of Pain Fallout 3.
- A World Of Pain Revisions.
- Another Millenia.
- Another Millenia Gun Addon.
- B42 Bows.
- CarlZee.

- Combined Weapons.
- DC Arsenal
- Dead Money Tweaks.
- DUST Survival Simulator.
- Equipment Restoration Project.
- Fallout 3 Weapon Restoration Rebalanced.
- FNV Crossbow.
- The Frontier.
- The Frontier Add-Ons.
- Game Rifle (S6S' Browning High Wall Plugin).
- Guitar Case Guns.
- Heffy's AKs and AR15s - Remade.
- Hit - Crossbow.
- Hit - KRISS Vector.
- Hit - RPD.
- Masters of the Madre.
- New Vegas Bounties I LE.
- Photon Laser Weapon Pack.
- Rebuild The Capital.
- Ramhead Crossbow Replacer.
- Ramhead Crossbow Unique.
- RX Utility Tools.

- Salt Lake Stories.
- Salt Lake Stories Improvements.
- Scottmack's Weapons Redone.
- Snow Owl Sniper Rifle.
- Supplementary Weapons Pack.
- Tactapack.
- Tammer's Weapons Mega Pack.
- Tesla Weapons Pack.
- Washington's Malevolence.
- Wasteland AR Pack.
- Wasteland AR Addon.
- Weather Report and Bio-Electric Displacer.

- The Widow Shotgun.
- ZL Armaments Remastered.


This mod adds some icons for different mods for use with M.U.X.

Recommended Mods

- Simplified Weapon Icons.

Feedback is appreciated

This mod is now on Github
(this should make it easier to contribute to)


- M.U.X. by Anro19.
- AGE by S6S.
- A World Of Pain by djmystro.
- A World Of Pain Fallout 3
by RoyBatterian.
- A World Of Pain Revisions by
- Another Millenia by Arccharger448.
- Another Millenia Gun Addon by Arccharger448.
- B42 Bows by Xilandro.
- CarlZee's Weapon Pack by CarlZee.
- CFWR by WebbProductionsEntertain.
- Combined Weapons by VHDnewvegasguy.
- DC Arsenal by S6S.
- Dead Money Tweaks by S6S.
- DUST Survival Simulator by naugrim04.
- EDGE by S6S.
- Equipment Restoration Project by darthbdaman.
- Fallout 3 Weapon Restoration Rebalanced by Chamareian.
- FNV Crossbow by Januusz.
- The Frontier by The Frontier Team.
- The Frontier Add-Ons by MysteryMachineX.

- Game Rifle by S6S (model by deRuyter).
- Guitar Case Guns by clintmich and sabinaguerrero.
- Heffy's AKs and AR15s - Remade by NightshiftMike23.
- Hit - Crossbow by hitman47101.
- Hit - KRISS Vector by hitman47101.
- Hit - RPD by hitman47101.
- Masters of the Madre by PlatinumShad0w.
- New Vegas Bounties I LE by RoyBatterian.
- Photon Laser Weapon Pack by quicksilver500.
- Rebuild The Capital by hman101.
- Ramhead Crossbow Replacer by prisonersragingbull.
- Ramhead Crossbow Unique by cancer1010.
- RX Utility Tools by RetralRX.
- Salt Lake Stories by Yossarian22.
- Salt Lake Stories Improvements by friendlynonmurderingsort.

- Scottmack's Weapons Redone by Qolore7.
- Snow Owl Sniper Rifle by NovaBunBun.
- Supplementary Weapons Pack by quicksilver500.
- Tactapack by Arccharger448.
- Tammer's Weapons Mega Pack by Tammer.
- Tesla Weapons Pack by quicksilver500.

- TTW CFEE by ashjay101.
- TTW by the The TTW Team.
- Washington's Malevolence by TheJanitorDave.
- Wasteland AR Pack by anonx1987.
- Wasteland AR Addon by Nadie2283.
Weather Report and Bio-Electric Displacer by S6S.
- The Widow Shotgun
by xGeorge.
- ZL Armaments Remastered by zealotlee.