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Adds three new, more modern style Laser Weapons to the game, a Bolt-Action Laser Sniper Rifle, a Fully Automatic, Bullpup Laser PDW, and a Pump Action Laser Shotgun. Features new weapon models, edited textures, leveled and perk list integration, and new re-chambering and firing sounds. Fully compatible with Armed to the Teeth - New Vegas.

Permissions and credits
Photon Laser Weapons

Continuing in my recent trend of Energy Weapons that don't quite look like Energy Weapons, I have made three new Laser weapons with a more modern feel, that are quite different to anything in the base game, for variety's sake. Some of you may doubt the lore-friendliness of these weapons, and to you I say: 'Meh'. I made them for myself and my own game, take 'em or leave 'em, it's up to you. As with all my weapons, they are 'Nifskope' weapons, or weapons that have been made with parts of other weapons from the base game, so I did not make the models 100% from scratch myself. That being said, did put quite a lot of time into making the different meshes and textures work well together.

Before I go on with the weapon stats, etc. I must give credit where credit is due. This whole mod was started by me playing around with Scail's amazing Turbolaser Weapon Pack, and the weapons included in it, so check them out if you want some weapons in a similar vein. As you can probably see, the rifle was heavily influenced by the Sniper Rifle from his pack, indeed, it started out as his rifle initially. So much of the Rifle in this mod was inspired by Scail's pack that I decided that I should get permission from him to release this, which he (thankfully) supplied. Some of the textures in this pack are from that mod as well, so I really advise you go check it out! :D The Rifle firing sounds in this mod are from dDefinder1's  outstanding Improved Sound FX v0821, and with the author's permission, the PDW and Shotguns' (sexy af) firing sounds are from FalloutKid14's amazing All Weapon Sounds Overhaul. The awesome images for the mod page were done by the one and only Haris77, Aka Dizzyfatpigeon -  Nexus Profile - Youtube Channel. Thank you all so much for helping me out with this one guys, I really appreciate it.

This mod is fully compatible with Armed to the Teeth New Vegas. 
Here's an awesome video by Tuxek, aka, Yet Another Youtuber, that shows off the weapons in action, and a quest mod playthrough by Ollyoxen featuring the weapons:

Stats & Modifications
Here are the weapon's stats, clear as day for all of you:
The weapons are all added to the Laser Commander perk list by script. As of version 1.1, this should be confirmed by a message that will pop up when you open your game for the first time after installing the mod. If this message does not pop up then something has gone wrong along the lines somewhere, more than likely you do not have NVSE or JIP installed.
The weapons are balanced around the weapons already in the game, such as the Laser Rifle, Laser RCW,  Tri-Beam Laser Rifle, Hunting Rifle, and Hunting  Shotgun, so they should prove to be a bit more powerful then those weapons in some aspects, less so in others. Overall they are probably more late game weapons, but you should be able to pick them up at pretty much any time in the game. The rifle has a unique, custom re-chambering sound that I made myself. This is achieved by scripts thanks to the way that New Vegas handles weapon animation sounds.

The weapons can be found on the second level of the Brotherhood Of Steel's Hidden Valley Bunker, in the workshop they have there. You will have to hack a terminal on one of the desks to lower the forcefields securing the weapons. The modifications for the weapons can be found on the shelves beside the weapons. Be careful acquiring these, as the Brotherhood will not take kindly to you coming into their home and stealing the brand new weapons they had in production. The weapons and mods should also added to the Brotherhood vendor's inventory, and to some of their patrol soldiers, so you may see them about the place in Hidden Valley. 

Now before you throw your eyes to heaven, there is a legitimate reason for each of these requirements, I don't just put them in here for the fun of it. This mod requires the following mods to work:

JIP and NVSE is required for this mod to allow the script that changes the Rifle's Bolt Action re-chambering sound to work. Essentially, the way New Vegas handles animation sounds like that of the re-chambering animation is to have a single sound entry that plays no matter what weapon is being animated. Therefore, the only way to change that sound for this weapon is to change the sound entry entirely. This does not work as the Hunting Rifle's re-chambering sound does not match the Photon Laser Rifle, and the Photon Laser Rifle's custom re-chambering sound that I made does not match the Hunting Rifle. Therefore, while you have the Photon Laser Rifle equipped, a script added by this mod will change the sound the animation plays, and will change the sound back after you unequip the Photon Laser Rifle. This script requires some script functions only found in JIP, hence the requirement.
This mod requires Bullpup reloading animations, hence the need for either of the animation mods I have listed above. 


This mod needs a small procedure to uninstall, it's just with the way that the script works, you should make sure you do not have the Photon Laser Rife equipped on your character when you uninstall the mod, as this will break the rechambering sounds for your hunting rifle. Just make sure you have no weapon, or any weapon other than the Photon Laser Rifle equipped when you remove this mod from your game. 

Bits and Bobs.

As I say in all my mod descriptions, please report any bugs or glitches you find to me, either via message or on the mod page, thanks. Don't forget to endorse if you like this or any other mod, it might only take a few seconds of your time but it can mean a lot to the mod authors that make all the baller content on this website. Show them you appreciate the work they put in!
Feel free to upload your own screenshots to the mod page under the images tab, I enjoy seeing what others can do with the weapons I make. If you are planning on making a video featuring my weapon I encourage you to do so, and, if you can, let me know if/when you upload it so I can add it to the mod page. If you encounter any obvious bugs while recording I would really appreciate it if you would let me know and give me a chance to fix them before you upload the video. I understand that this is not always possible due to time constraints and whatnot, but if it's at all possible that'd be sweet. 

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06/02/2018, V1.1b:Fixed a problem with the compatibility of the Photon Laser Shotgun with ATTT.
06/02/2018, V1.1:Added the Photon Laser Shotgun.
15/01/2018, V1.0b:Corrected the Photon Laser Rifle so it requires the Energy Weapons skill instead of the Guns skill.