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You want a badass looking Tesla weapon that doesn't weigh half a tonne and look like you've strapped an ugly ass jet engine to your shoulder? Then you've come to the right place.

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Update 2.2:
Version 2.2 includes the seven billionth model change to the Tesla Shotgun, screenshots of the new version are in the images tab. It has a proper shotgun reload animation and a sighting node that isn't 2 miles from where it should be. The reload animation is still a bit weird, seeing as there isn't anywhere for the small energy cells being loaded into the shotgun to go, but if you have Hitman's 1st person reload animations this isn't a problem. Along with the new shotgun there is an all new perk, 'Tesla Technician' that adds viability to Tesla weapons to the same level as Plasma Spaz and Laser Commander. It boosts the damage of Tesla weapons when used against Robots and enemies in power armor, as well as adding a small chance to paralyse enemies while using Tesla weapons. Craft-able Tesla Grenades are also be included, as well as new lore featuring a very well known character from the game and DLCs. Because of this the new version relies on OWB. I am no longer updating the Non-DLC version, as it wasn't getting many downloads and it isn't really worth the time to make as the vast majority of peeps playing NV on PC have the DLC. For those of yo that have found the Revolver but not the Shotgun, to get the hint for the shotgun's location you'll need to head back to the Maintenance room in Helios One, there should be a note there that gives yo some information. 

This mod contains 7 unique weapons, they are as follows:
  • The TR77, a high powered energy rifle.
  • The Tesla Beaton Prototype Rifle, an experimental upgrade to the TR77.
  • The Tesla Shotgun, a unique Multiplas Rifle Variant.
  • The Tesla Caster, a unique Plasma Caster Variant.
  • The Tesla RCW, a unique Laser RCW Variant .
  • The Tesla-Gauss Rifle, a bolt action energy sniper rifle.
  • The Tesla Revolver, a unique revolver energy pistol.
  • Tesla Grenades, modified Plasma Grenades that go boom-zap.

All the two handed weapons use Electron Charge Packs as ammo, the rifles and shotgun use 3 packs per shot, the automatic weapons use 1, and the Sniper Rifle uses 5. The revolver uses Small Energy cells as all energy pistols do, with the logic that they are the only power source that can fit in the chambers. The weapons are balanced their vanilla counterparts and generally do more damage at the expense of more ammo, having high skill requirements and by being a lot more rare. These weapons are meant as high end - end game weapons. The weapons all do a scaled down version of the Tesla Cannon's HP drain effect, relative to their firing types.  I really hope you enjoy playing with these weapons as much as I enjoyed creating them. The weapons are as lore friendly as I can make them, they use edited vanilla assets for the most part.

Here's an awesome video of the weapons in action by DarkPopulous:
(Tesla Revolver and Grenades not included in video review, Tesla Shotgun outdated)

Lore & Location:
I've been working on this mod for a while now, it started out by me altering Ox30 's 'Plastek Tesla Rifle' to make it have Iron Sights. After messing around with his model for a while I scrapped the whole thing and started from scratch, using updated meshes from EVE and textures from Project Nevada and  IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures, I got permission from the respective mod authors for these assets before I used them in my mod so you don't need those mods for this one to work. This is the end result. To start your hunt for the weapons I would recommend you take a look around the REPCONN Headquarters, on the second floor specifically, to the right of the staircase on the right as you enter the building. I'm not saying any more than that, but you will need Science of 75 at least to get into the terminal to unlock the room with the Rifle in it. I have written a backstory for the weapon with an explanation as to how it came to be where it is, and as how the prototype came to be as well. Oh, and there are a few potty words on the terminal for reasons that will become apparent. If you  aren't comfortable with that then you probably shouldn't own this game... But yeah, you have been warned.There are clues in the terminal situated in the room as to how to acquire the rest of the weapons in the pack, do a bit of thinking after reading the entries and you'll be able to figure it out. HINT: The other weapons in the pack not in the REPCONN Headquarters. 

After hitting up the Repconn Headquarters I would suggest you head to Helios One and take a look around there as well, specifically to the right again as you enter the facility, as before there should be a terminal where there was none before. The room it gives access to houses more clues as to where the rest of the weapons in the pack are. Remember! The hunt for the weapons is part of the mod! I didn't put it in just to piss people off, I want there to be a way for you guys to earn these, frankly overpowered, weapons rather than throwing them all in a crate in Goodsprings. Those of you with less patience/time are 100% free to spawn them in with console commands if you like. I made the hunt for those of you who want the weapons you download from the Nexus to be integrated with your game in a natural, lore friendly way. The hunt is supposed to be fun, a tempering of the game's already perfect 'natural exploration-natural reward' system. You can actively hunt for the weapons if you'd like, but chances are you'll come across them during normal play anyway.

There should be enough info on the terminals included in the mod for you guys to find all the weapons in the pack now. As always, if you are finding the task impossible there is a readme in the readme section of this mod page, that will outline some more hints and the locations of the weapons.

Bits and Bobs:

If you have any questions, advice or just want to tell me something feel free to leave a comment in the discussions tab or send me a message, thanks for checking out my mod! Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE inform me of any bugs or glitches you come across, graphical or otherwise, everything looks good to me but there is a very real possibility I've fucked something up. Don't suffer in silence! Write a post, send me a message, tell my mum, just don't assume 'that's the way it's supposed to be'. 
Thanks for checking out my mod and don't forget to endorse if you like this or any other mod on the Nexus, it might only take a few seconds of your time but it can mean a lot to the mod authors on this site!

Feel free to post your screenshots of the weapons in the images section of the mod, I'd like to see what you guys do with them! 

I would like to thank  NumBlacK and Shardoom for their help during my initial release of this mod, they helped me to squash a few annoying bugs and glitches, along with master file dependencies and all that good stuff, thanks guys! :D 

I would also like to thank DarkPopulous for the art work he has done for the mod page and his video showcase of this mod, I really appreciate it man :D 

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29/03/2017Version 2.2:
Complete rebalance of all of the weapons, fixed some wonky textures on the Tesla Rifles, updated the meshes of the Tesla Revolver and Sniper Rifle. Coplete redo of the Tesla Shotgun mesh and mechanics, it's location has been changed as well.

29/03/2017Version 2.1:
Redid the Tesla Revolver's reload animation, fixed misc spelling mistakes in Terminals.

01/03/2017Version 2.0:
Added the Tesla Revolver Weapon. Fixed texture glitches on Tesla Sniper and Prototype Rifle seen in DarkPopulous's video, added more clues as to the locations of the weapons.

Version 1.9:
Complete rework of the design of the Tesla Shotgun, calmed it down a lot. Fits in the game a lot better now. Misc. texture and mesh fixes. Added new custom sounds for the Tesla Gauss Sniper Rifle. 

Version 1.8:

Added the Tesla Gauss Sniper Rifle and the Tesla Caster. Muzzle flash dependency on EVE removed, EVE muzzle flashes replaced with vanilla.

Versions 1.0->1.7:
Lost to memory and the fact that I deleted the entries I made for them by accident, oops.