Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Hello folks!!! The mod that you have all waited for around a year for is finally out. With many classic weapons added to your New Vegas game the possibilities are endless.

Permissions and credits
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This weapon pack integrates weapons from Fallout 1 and 2 into New Vegas by a script. With fixed meshes, compatibility patch with TTW. It really brings more variety to the wasteland for all of you to enjoy! 

This mod has scripted leveled list injection. New customizability options are available for the recent update. New ammo types are added to the game. You can find all of these weapons in the wasteland through looting, NPC's, and vendors.

It will be safe to update from 1.2 forward.

For the special unique weapons You can find:

These are the many customization options you have with the new update. You can find the CFWR Config.ini in the config file.

JIP LN, xNVSE, Johnny Guitar, and all of the DLC's.

Install the mod with the mod manager that you use. For uninstalling the mod just simply uninstall it from the mod manager.

Patch for this version of the mod is Tale of Two Wastelands (TTW). This patch is integrated into the mod. So if you have that certain mod enabled, it will automatically be patched. And if you don't have TTW then don't worry you can still use the mod. 

So far this mod is compatible with TTW. This mod is compatible with other weapon mods because it uses a script to inject the new weapons. 

For the new weapon XL70 you might find that the front grip on it is not perfect. 

As from the recent update there are no bugs with the mod so far, although if there is any issues that any of you find please report them so that they can be fixed.

Q: Is this mod compatible with _____ animation mod?
A: This mod should be compatible with any sort of animation mod. Just make sure this mod is below that animation mod in the load order.

Q: Is this mod compatible with the classic fallout weapons replacer pack?
A: This mod is not compatible with that mod. Use one or the other. If you have both it will create conflicts

Q: Are there going to be Hitman animation patches?
A: Hitman has already said that he will make an animation pack for the mod. And he did here

Q: Will tactics weapons be added to later versions?
A: No, because they will be their own separate weapon pack. And it will take time. So please be patient

Q: Is this mod compatible with TTW?
A: As of the recent update it is compatible.

Q: Why is the name changed with the new version of the mod?
A: The name is changed because the new update has better leveled lists. It is so that leveled list wont double. 

Q: Will I cover __ remaining Fallout 1/2 weapon?
A: In future versions it is possible that more will be added. 

Q: Can you change the P90/etc grip format?
A: No because of the fact that it would require to completely rework the weapon which could cause issues. Use the animation patches.

Q: Is this compatible with ___ for the old classic fallout weapons mod?
A: No because the weapons are completely different in the case of names, and weapon ids. 

Upcoming Versions:
Upcoming versions of the mod will have more weapons mods for a lot of the weapons that of now don't have any. As of the recent update you will notice more of the 

For the software that I used to make the mod
Substance Painter

For credits regarding the weapons and their authors. Please go to the permission and credits to see who made these fantastic weapons. 

It is illegal to post this mod to other sites. If you are making a translation for this mod I would recommend that you contact me first and make sure to post it on Nexus.