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Join forces with Father Elijah after Dead Money and conquer the Mojave with the power of the Sierra Madre. Includes a new quest, restored cut content and diabolical new recipes and weapons.

Permissions and credits
Masters of the Madre
Player-Elijah Alliance / Continue After Cloud Ending


For those who aren’t aware, there is an obscure nonstandard ending available for Dead Money. Upon being contacted by Elijah after accessing Sinclair’s final message to Vera on the vault terminal, the player can choose to team up with the former Elder to harness the holograms, the vending machines and the Cloud to eradicate the NCR and claim the Mojave and its trove of Old World technical treasures and marvels for themselves.
A truly fascinating and wonderfully imaginative end slideshow then plays, detailing the aftermath of their atrocities together years later. And that’s just the thing. It’s years later. It shows the final culmination of this choice the player has made, not its immediate aftermath. But, unfortunately, you are then forced to reload a previous save and choose a more traditional ending. Which has always made this more of a curiosity than an actual choice. Still, at least we got that much considering the villainous ending that was cut from Old World Blues altogether, where you could choose to ally with the Think Tank and make the Mojave your own personal science experiment.
Ever since discovering this ending, however, I wished that it was fleshed out just a little more by the developers, perhaps in the way that Lonesome Road gives you the choice to launch nuclear missiles at both the Legion and NCR and then adds two new areas to explore just a taste of the implied devastation this causes.

This mod is my attempt to do just that. It allows the player to continue their game after choosing what is undoubtedly the darkest ending for Dead Money. They return to the Bunker one month later, receiving all the usual rewards for completing the DLC as well as a new perk reflecting their dark decision. This is accomplished by modifying a few of the game's scripts, working from a base of YUP so that any bugfixes were carried over before I modified them and won’t be overwritten. The changes I made were intended to not interfere with playing through the DLC normally. So you can still have this enabled in your load order even if you choose the more conventional ending and no vanilla scripts or quests will be broken as a result. There's also cut content that I restored or repurposed and expanded on as well. Finally, I'll confess to some light edits to improve the player's dialogue choices to join Elijah when speaking to him in the Vault. All the same points are made but the original dialogue for the Courier just felt a bit flippant to me, next to Elijah's Shakespeare.

Now certain conditions have to be met in order for this ending to become available. You must be vilified by the NCR and you must have asked Veronica everything you possibly can about Elijah. Upon being contacted by Elijah inside the Vault, you must tell him that you have questions before going any further. This unlocks the option to reveal that you know who he is--the Brotherhood Elder who lost HELIOS One and Veronica's mentor--which starts a conversation that will offer you the choice to ally with him and help him carry out the plan.

The real question is--can I get you to play Dead Money one more time?

Player Housing



As further fruit yielded by this dark alliance, an arsenal of devious new weaponry becomes available to the player.

Compressed-Cloud Canister grenades
featuring Weijiesen's awesome effects which can, whether thrown from the hand or launched from a 25mm or 40mm barrel, release an agonizing burst of toxic weaponized Cloud to engulf your enemies and spread terror across the battlefield. Additionally, the diabolically destructive Toxic Cloud Missile ammo type will leave a thick haze of Cloud hanging in the air where it explodes. After three days, it disperses. Be careful around this stuff, it can poison you too.


The Holopistol, an advanced iteration on the holorifle’s design which converts its components into a more compact, devastating close-quarters weapon. Powered by small energy cells instead of MFCs to further reduce bulk, it uses double the amount of cells in order to deliver almost as much power as a fully-upgraded holorifle. It's a hand-cannon, not a holdout weapon. Watch the recoil as compressing that much power into such a small frame kicks like a mule. But if you can handle That Gun, you can handle this.


Craftable bomb collars that can be reverse-pickpocketed onto NPCs or equipped onto companions to make them your begrudging accomplices (or disposable bait bombs). Have them follow you and, when their usefulness has expired or they become a liability, blow their heads off simultaneously using a linked detonator. They’ll have about ten seconds to make peace with their fate and, having nothing left to lose, may attack you, run away or simply drop to the ground clutching their heads in futile panic. If you feel like wearing one of these as a fashion accessory, just remember to take it off before you fire the detonator or won't you be surprised!


A portable hologram emitter that, when pointed and fired somewhere nearby, will project a security hologram companion to follow and defend you. While normally composed of a flickering blue light, when the hologram first senses danger, it will flash yellow and, upon engaging a target, will flash an intimidating red. Such awesome technology requires an immense amount of power to sustain, however, so the handheld projector has a limited duration and must be recharged before it can be used again.


Deployable hologram emitter mines using an original mesh that, when thrown to the ground, can be activated to project a security hologram to patrol the area within the emitter's radius. Perfect to claim a location as your own or station a guard inside player housing. They flash yellow when alerted and red when in combat. Due to an issue where holograms can lose  their blue shader if you come from a load screen or save and reload in front of them, they have been scripted to check for either of these scenarios and re-apply their shaders. While Elijah was right about there being no defense against dropping one of these into the middle of any battle, watch out because they're still quite fragile and can be destroyed from taking fire or being caught in the blast radius of explosives.









An add-on file is provided for users of Functional Post-Game Ending that allows you to continue playing after the end of the game in the Post-Cloud Mojave wasteland. Upon finishing the end slideshow, you will reappear at the top of the HELIOS One Tower, overlooking your dark new world.

Installation, Compatibility and Recommendations

This mod requires all the New Vegas DLC (Dead Money, Honest Hearts, Old World Blues, Lonesome Road, Gun Runner's Arsenal) as well as NVSE and JIP LN NVSE.

Load this mod low enough in your load order to make sure no other plugin is overwriting it's changes. If you play with the Yukichigai Unofficial Patch, my plugin needs to be below the YUP ESM for some of the scripts it uses to work.

Use FNVEdit to check if there is any other mods overwriting its edits which you don't want for your game or, for compatibility purposes, to merge the changes from it into a personal patch.

Even though this mod uses assets from Hopper31 and Weijiesen's Cloud Grenades mod, it's still completely compatible and strongly recommended. Like a mad scientist hurling beakers, it adds new recipes for throwable jars of Cloud Kiss toxin at all vanilla potency levels. The canisters and explosives I added to this mod only use the most Lethal variant.






Chris Avellone for, you know, writing Dead Money in the first place.
ryanmar for improving the mod's overall quality by volunteering to go through and fix numerous inconsistencies and oversights with the mod's gameplay, writing and scripts as well as the many irreverently fun discussions on lore and ideas for the mod that have continued to provide ideas for future content.
ledzepiv for generously discussing ideas with me regarding content and the lore as well as playtesting the mod for me during development and pointing out a number of bugs and issues.
Zebumper for being gracious enough to respond to my PMs with spot-on advice for how to improve my rudimentary Bomb Collar script and actually get it to function like I wanted.
RoyBatty for being gracious enough on Discord to answer my questions and take my broken cloud trigger nif and fix the flags, havok and shape so it actually worked correctly for the Cloud Missile ammo type.
ELPascal for being gracious enough to respond to my PMs with advice for my first time making hit squads and directing me to look at their mod The Living Desert for examples.
Weijiesen  for creating the explosion effect, effect shaders, custom textures and custom sounds of the Cloud explosives used in this mod.
Hopper31 for providing the example scripts and framework to integrate those Cloud grenade effects into this mod, thanks to the open permission to use them with credit.
mc_tammer for creating the beautiful model and icon I used as a base for the Handheld Hologram Projector and having open permission to use it with credit. And for providing their series of tutorial video guides to “NIF-bashing”, which helped me learn Blender and Nifskope well enough to tweak models just enough to repurpose them.
YanL for creating the beautiful model I used for the Holopistol and having open permission to use it with credit.
WotansGlory who created the very old and sadly unfinished Continue after the Elijah Ending mod, which I looked at before starting this project and undoubtedly influenced and inspired some of the ideas I built off of.
Yukichigai for the Yukichigai Unofficial Patch -- the most up-to-date and comprehensive collection of vanilla bugfixes for New Vegas.
ElminsterAU and the many contributors to xEdit (FNVEdit), which enabled me to keep this mod clean and organized.
The NVSE Team for the New Vegas Script Extender.
Jazzisparis for the JIP LN NVSE script extender plugin, which added new functions essential to some of the scripts I made for this.
Korma for Hot Reload (NVSE), which legit kept me going as I could tweak a script and tab over to the game to see what effect it had immediately without having to reopen everything and wait for it to load. As someone who went into this project with almost no scripting knowledge, this was essential to my sanity as I learned through trial and error and I probably would've given up without it.