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Restores almost all of the items that were cut from the game

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Restores as many of the items cut from New Vegas as possible. Almost all of the cut armor and weapons have been restored.

Most of the weapons and armor that were removed from New Vegas have been restored. They have been placed in the locations that they were most likely cut from, or make the most sense being in. The Multiplas Rifle has had it's texture corrected to the non-unique one, and a unique variant has been added to use the original texture.

All of the weapon mods that were cut from New Vegas have been restored in one way or another. All Service Rifle's now have bayonets. The Heavy Frame for the 10mm Pistol has been reused as the base for a unique weapon. Some of the files from Weapon Mesh Improvement are included to fix bugs. You should ensure that this mod loads after Weapon Mesh Improvement.

Project Nevada is automatically supported. Any new helmets should have visor overlays.

I tried to avoid editing stuff if I didn't have to. It should be compatible with most mods. It will have conflicts with mods that edit weapon records, specifically WMX, WME, WRP, and EVE.


  • Armor:
    • Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit
    • Papa Khan's unique armor (Credit Sansuni)
    • Remnants Tesla armor
    • REPCONN jumpsuit
    • Scorched Sierra Power Helmet (LR)
    • Starlet Wig (DM)
  • Weapons:
    • Mantis Gauntlet (Schematics) (Credit Yukichigai)
    • Poisoned Shishkebab (HH)
    • Q- 57 Matter Regulator (Unused Unique Multiplas Rifle)
    • Starlet's Hand Wraps (DM)
  • Weapon Mods:
    • 10mm Pistol Heavy Frame (Added as new unique weapon)
    • .45 Auto Pistol Improved Sights (Uses default model, default model now uses alternate cut model)
    • Hunting Revolver Scope (GRA)
    • Marksman Carbine Extended Magazines
    • Ripper Silent Motor (GRA) (Decreases Weight, Original function isn't feasible)
    • Service Rifle Reflex Sight
    • Service Rifle Bayonet (All Service Rifle's now have Bayonets)
    • Trail Carbine Custom Action
    • Trail Carbine Laminate Stock
  • Unfinished:
    • Big Boomer Original Texture
    • Slave's Burden (Don't think this was actually a usable weapon)
  • Locations:
    • All of the weapon mods can be bought from the Gun Runners and the 188 Trading Post
    • The Armored Vault 21 Jumpsuit can be bought or stolen in Vault 21
    • The Hardened 10mm Pistol can be found on Barton Thorn
    • The Mantis Gauntlet Schematics can be acquired at Mick and Ralph's
    • Papa Khan is wearing his armor
    • Poisoned Shishkebab's are used by White Legs
    • The Q- 57 Matter Regulator can be found in the Deathclaw promontory
    • Remnants Tesla Armor can be found at Silver Peak Mine and Deathclaw Promontory
    • REPCONN jumpsuits are found throughout the REPCONN HQ and test site
    • The Scorched Sierra Power Helmet can be found with the accompanying armor
    • The Starlet Wig and Starlet's Hand Wraps can be found with Vera's Dress
  • Stats:
    • Stats have been left mostly unaltered and will match the wiki unless noted below
    • The Marksman Carbine Extended Mags increases clip capacity by 10
    • The Multiplas Rifle will fire 2 projectiles instead of 3
    • The unique Multiplas Rifle is slightly better than the Regular Rifle; Higher ROF, Higher Crit Damage, More Health, Less Weight
    • The Hardened 10mm Pistol has the same stats as the Weathered 10mm Pistol
    • The Trail Carbine Custom Action increases ROF. The Trail Carbine Laminate Stock decreases weight
    • The Scorched Sierra Power Helmet is slightly better than the T-45d Helmet

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