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My 10 favorite weapons made by Scottmack, all painstakingly rebalanced and adjusted from the ground in a vanilla-friendly way. Compatible with Weapons of Our Millenia.

Permissions and credits
- My 10 favorite weapons by Scottmack and co that I feel best fit the vanilla game
- Similar to Weapons of Our Millenia, all of the weapons listed below have been heavily rebalanced and adjusted to better fit with the game. All damages, values, healths, etc have been balanced to better fit vanilla weapons
- Weapons have also been renamed to fit vanilla naming conventions and integrated into proper leveled lists and perk lists

Included Weapons:

Kar 98k and Type 99 - Renamed to Bolt-Action Rifle and Bolt-Action Carbine respectively, also I am using my tweaked/fixed version of the original mesh and texture rather than the newer version since I think it looks much better

Lee Enfield No 4 - Renamed to Bolt-Action Battle Rifle

Scottmacks Forgotten Weapons - Just the Lee Enfield No 2 Mk 1 and MAS 49/56 have been used, which have been renamed to Break-Action Revolver and .308 Service Rifle respectively

Scottmacks Metro Btard Gun - Just the heat-shielded version has been used, which has been renamed to Jury-Rigged 5mm Carbine

Camon Pack Complete - Just the Broomhandle Carbine (name unchanged), HK53 (renamed to 5.56mm SMG), M2A1 Carbine (renamed to 10mm Carbine), and Light Support Weapon (name unchanged) have been used

Q: Why wasn't x weapon included?
A: I either did not like the way it looked (out of place and/or low quality mesh/texture), it had animation issues (made before kNVSE so they had to use vanilla animations that may have not synced (sunc?)  up well, or a similar weapon was already included in Weapons of Our Millenia

scottmack, Camon, dragbody, and everybody else who worked on the original mods get full credit for this
- Per scottmack's profile description, his work is free to use/modify as long as you get permission from everybody involved with the mods you are using
- Dragbody has given me explicit permission to use the weapons he worked on
- You can use this however you want, just make sure you credit everyone mentioned above