Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord

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About this mod

adds a lot of random armor pieces
this is not ment to be historicaly accurate or somthing but more of a collection of all my armors.

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this is just random pieces of armor that do not like fit togheter historicaly or somthing (when they are made to reference wich most are not).
this mod is more of a collection of all my stuff.

adds 37 diffrent helmets variations,3 shoulder piece, 5 plate boots and 4 high tier body armors with up to 18 diffrent variations for vlandia.
all items have a lot of diffrent variations (66+ items) like brass facemasks or diffrent color patterns and such
the chest piece has faction colors as does the winged helm.
i updated the metalic of the great helms so it work better with the rest

-sallet 3 variations
-bascinet with visor 3 variations
-full plate helmet 3 variations
-italio norman helm 2 variations
-fluted helm with facemask 4 variations
-great helm 5 variations
-winged great helm 3 variations
-vlandian helm with visor 3 variations
-swadian plated shoulders 2 variations
-coat of plate 5 variations
-swadian plate armor 9 variations
-mail with surcoat 5 variations
-second great helm 4variations
-chainmail shoulders
-plate boots 2 variations
-full helm 2variations
-sugarloaf helm 4variations
-other plate armour chest,boots,gloves 3 variations each
-houndskull bacinet
-bacinet with a faceplate
-diffrent plate armour 3 variations
-plate boots 3 var
-gauntlets 3var
-houndskull helmet2 3 var
-armet 2 variations
-and more stuff i forghot to mention i think

this will be my main mod and i will keep updating this one .

u might need a mod to make the items apear because they are all high tier. 
And as most people know these dont spawn a lot in shops 
I would suggest(i do hope they work still they do for me )

if this does not work u will need to cheat them in.

just download the whole thing and unpack it into your module folder.

should be save game compatible.
of course when u instal it equip an item and then unistall the mod your save wont work anymore because your armor is missing .

for any questions feel free to ask.

all models and textures are made by me except for somme native stuff for variations such as the horse tail on the helmet or maby a coif or somthing in the future