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About this mod

Crusader Kingdoms I - Lionheart is an Overhaul mod that turns Calradia into Europe at around 1187-1192
Finally the first Crusader experience in Bannerlord, starting from the Third Crusade.
Play a campaign as characters such as Richard the Lionheart or Saladin, or be yourself, take Jerusalem, and reform the Kingdom of Jerusalem!

Permissions and credits
Newest Update for Release Version 1.1.4!
Also playable on 1.6.3, 1.6.4, 1.6.5, 1.7.0 and 1.8.0! 

!   Newest Update: No Master Module needed! All other requirements still apply.

Crucial information:
Required mods needed for this to work:

Swadian Armoury

Horse Caparisons

Reign of Sword

Installation: Extract folders to Modules folder, load Lionheart below StoryMode on launcher (and Master above Sandbox Core if you are playing older version). Load 3 other required mods below Lionheart. Detailed load order and other info below!

Good to see you here! This is the first Crusader overhaul mod for Bannerlord! Here are some details:


  • Kingdom of England
  • Kingdom of France
  • Kingdom of Denmark
  • Kievan Rus
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Byzantine Empire
  • Seljuk Sultanate of Rum
  • Ayyubid Empire
  • (Kingdom of Jerusalem separately in future update, meanwhile form it yourself in your campaign!)
Kings and Emperors
  • Richard I the Lionheart - England
  • Philip II Augustus - France
  • Canute VI - Denmark
  • Vsevolod III Yuryevich - Kievan Rus
  • Frederick I Barbarossa - Holy Roman Empire
  • Kilij Arslan II - Sultanate of Rum
  • Saladin - Ayyubid Empire
  • Isaac II Angelos - France
... and many other lords!

Other Content
Our mod also has a bunch of things such as custom troops trees, historical houses (clans) for all factions and A LOT more!


Enjoy the Crusade!

Suggested Campaigns and Modules Information

Here are some random ideas of campaigns to try out with this mod!

  • Richard the Lionheart (who wouldn't want to play as him?)
  • Any other of the main Kings/Emperors (Frederick I is a good one... or even Henrich VI his son!)
  • Be yourself and make the Templar Order or another knighthood order
  • Take Jerusalem and form the Kingdom of Jerusalem (obviously duh)
  • Make Balian of Ibelin or another historical character!
  • Play as an ordinary medieval crusader from out custom troop trees together with the Serve as Soldier mod!

Copy and paste this in your Banner creation screen if you want a Kingdom of Jerusalem banner:

Compatibility / Other Mods

Should be compatible with pretty much every mod that isn't an overhaul.



CKM / Required

Native Modules (obviously required)

Highly Recommended

Other mods

This is my full load order:

  • Harmony
  • Better Exception Window
  • Butter Lib
  • UI Extender Ex
  • Mod Configuration Menu

  • Native
  • Crusader Kingdoms I: MASTER
  • Sandbox Core
  • Sandbox
  • CustomBattle
  • StoryMode

  • Crusader Kingdoms I: Lionheart
  • Swadian Armoury (REQUIRED)
  • Horse Caparisons   (REQUIRED)
  • Reign of Sword (REQUIRED)

  • Quick Start
  • Diplomacy
  • Serve as Soldier
  • Better Time
  • MB Super Speed
  • Distinguished Service
  • Raise your Banner
  • Raise your Torch
  • Perfect Fire Arrows
  • Better Combat
  • Better Horses
  • Siege Tower Fix
  • RTS Camera
  • Alternating Main Menu
  • True Item Values
  • BannerLib (required for Player Switcher)
  • Player Switcher

Required mod links (needed for this mod to work):

Swadian Armoury
Horse Caparisons
Reign of Sword

Must Have Mods
Links to some other recommended mods (but feel free to look them all up!)

Player Switcher
Switch to play as any lord - such as Philip II of France or Saladin!

Serve as Soldier
Play as an ordinary crusader!

Form alliances between the kingdoms of Christendom to Crusade properly!

Raise your Banner, Raise your Torch and Perfect Fire Arrows:

Upcoming Content

I have many things I'd love to add to the mod as future updates, but I can't do it myself. I need help from volunteers like you (modders and non-modders) to make it happen. Please join our discord if you'd like to help in any way:

Companions and Mercenaries
Recruit-able companions such as Knights Templar and Hospitallers!

Minor Factions

  • The Templar Order
  • The Teutonic Order
  • Order of Assassins
  • Jews
  • Luciferians (so you can kill them without mercy!)
  • And more!

Custom Cultures
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • English
  • Byzantine
  • Egyptian
  • Syrian
  • Danish
  • And more

More Custom Troops 
For all factions!

Custom Map

If you're interested in this mod please join our discord, we'd love to see you there!
Join our discord to show your appreciation and talk to fellow Crusaders

Note: This mod was developed by 1 modder and a few non-modders, so if you can offer any help whatsoever please let me know on discord!
(even if you never made a mod in your life, or just know stuff about the Crusades, we could use your help. We're especially looking for people who know how to use XML)

By Kevin Greenleaf


Mod Developers
Kevin Greenleaf
Villum Kyrd

Non-modder Team
John Harris
Daimyo Masamune
Luke Danger
Sweet Cheeks
Infernal Ooga

Special Thanks

Villum Kyrd - Co-Developer for the first half, couldn't have done this without you.
Shane T.D.W_Hayster - You're a legend, thanks for saving the mod so many times.
Zodiac/Eivor - Looking forward to your mod..
ADamnSexyName - Thanks for letting me use Swadian Armoury.
Caranthir444 - Thanks for letting me use Horse Caparisons.
daedalus1pl - Thanks for letting me use Reign of Sword.
order_without_power - Thanks for the tips.

Story of the Mod

Also if you're still reading, and if anyone is wondering, I've never made a mod in my life before this and I know nothing of coding or anything like that... At the start, I only wanted to change the Calradian kingdom names to Crusader kingdoms (e.g. Vlandia - England) - hence the name Crusader Kingdoms. One thing led to another and I managed to do all of this entirely learning by asking questions on how to do it around every Bannerlord modding discord there is, and it worked! I started out in the end of September, so I did it in around 2 months through many hours of hard work. So this is in no way a professional Overhaul mod, I only made this to be able to play Bannerlord as a Crusader. I hope you enjoy it!
- Kevin Greenleaf