Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord
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This is a file to overhaul your troops to be based on the Holy Roman Empire troops from the 'Total War: Medieval 2' game.

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You have announced to the world that you're the king of the land by God's name... Your army will march upon any usurper of the throne or false claimends on it. Of course this is a dream you have and first you'll have to gather men underneath your banner.

This mod is a troop tree I made that's heavily inspired by the Holy Roman Empire troops trom Total War: Medieval 2. Who doesn't want to play as a holy/royal knight, fighting under a banner of god... or something like that...

This is my second troop tree that I made with the help of the My little Warband mod.

To start with the mod:
1. Go to a town and go to the tavern.
2. In the tavern click on Import XML-flies.
3. Your troop trees should've changed now!