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Adds a Pendor inspired culture to the game called Endoria that allows the player to start a kingdom with unique troops. This mod is designed for fans of the mods Prophesy of Pendor and Perisno. This mod contains new armors, weapons, troops, and horses for the player's Endorian faction.

Permissions and credits
This mod implements a Pendor inspired culture into the game called Endoria that doesn't exist until the player creates it. This mod adds custom units, equipments, and horses to the game. In order to get Endoria recruits in villages and towns you must install Change Settlement Culture. You can find custom militia in towns and villages as well for the Endorian Culture. This mod is not meant to make sense lore-wise and is built for fans of The Prophesy of Pendor.

(Endoria Commoner Troop Tree)

Endoria Recruit
id: pendor_recruit
Endoria Militia id: pendor_militia
Endoria Light Bowman id: pendor_light_bowman
Endoria Footman id: pendor_footman
Endoria Heavy Bowman id: pendor_heavy_bowman
Endoria Swordsman id: pendor_swordsman
Endoria Spearman id: pendor_spearman
Endoria Armored Bowman id: pendor_armored_bowman
Endoria Man-at-Arms id: pendor_man_at_arms
Endoria Heavy Spearman id: pendor_heavy_spearman
Endoria Cavalry id: pendor_cavalry
Endoria Bladesman id: pendor_bladesman
Endoria Halberdier id: pendor_halberdier

Endoria Mtd. Man-at-Arms id: pendor_mtd_man_at_arms

(Endoria Noble Troop Tree)

Endoria Nobleman 
id: pendor_nobleman
Endoria Squire id: pendor_squire
Endoria Noble Bowman id: pendor_noble_bowman
Endoria Knight id: pendor_knight
Endoria Foot Knight id: pendor_foot_knight
Endoria Black Archer id: pendor_black_archer
Knight of the Gryphor Order id: pendor_knight_of_griffon

(Maiden Troop Tree)

Maiden Scout 
id: maiden_scout
Maiden Warder id: maiden_warder
Maiden Warrior id: maiden_warrior
Maiden Ranger id: maiden_ranger
Maiden Cavalry id: maiden_cavalry

Credit to the Warband mod The Prophesy of Pendor!

Credits: ADamnSexyName: Swadian Armoury | EnclaveF: Medieval Armor & Weapons | theblindmonkey: Knight Helmet | Helokero13: Select All Kingdom Cultures | Jhonnyd: Upgradeable Bandits | Nefdulin: PartyDailyTrain | xxblazingdrumsxx: Vlandian Lion Remover