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This mod originally made by Vaeringjar, adds the armoury at every town's keep, where you can purchase expensive equipment. It has been rewritten to allow users/modders to add their own items.

Permissions and credits
A complete rewrite of Vaeringjar's V's Faction Armouries. In addition to what it did originally:

- The item list has been softcoded, so you can add your own items
- Modders can easily bundle their modded item XMLs to their mods, making this a soft dependency
- Any amount of XMLs can be used and duplicate items are removed, resulting in a plug-and-play modded item shop once (or if) enough modders begin to use it
- There are different fees for entry influenced by clan tier and player character's Charm skill. Kings don't pay if they enter their own kingdom's armoury. Lords pay with Influence and mercenaries have a gold discount. If you are neither a king, lord or mercenary, you pay the full price in gold for entry.

By default, it adds the same items the original does.

Unpack the mod into Modules directory. Load it after all mods that add new items (loading last is safest).

Q: How to add new items to the armoury?
A: Please read

You can find vanilla item names here: ...Bannerlord\Modules\SandBoxCore\ModuleData\spitems. For modded items please contact mod author or do some digging yourself.

Q: Why V's Faction Armouries and not other, similar mods that need update for 1.5+?
A: I found this mod to be the best out of them all due to simplicity. It just adds pre-defined items instead of adding items that are past certain price. Their method is good, but personally I've been looking for something that will survive a Bannerlord update. I've limited time these days.

Q: Why use pre-defined lists instead of items past certain price?
A: I made a mistake with my older mods - they got pretty bloated over time. Static item list is simple and rock solid, more likely to survive game updates.

Q: It doesn't have my favourite features of other mods, can you add them?
A: Yes, but nothing too crazy. For sure I will avoid anything that involves Harmony, Modlib etc. as they're absolute compatibility killers.

Q: Can you make sample XML for an item mod?
A: Yes. Just post a request. If the mod is big just send me the item definition XMLs please.

Q: What are the entry fee formulas?
A: normal gold fee: clanTierInverse * 30294 * charmModifier
merc gold fee: clanTierInverse * 10561 * charmModifier
lord influence fee: clanTierInverse * 20 * (charmModifier * 1.5)

clanTierInverse = (player clan tier * -1) + 7 // higher tier = lower price
charmModifier = (charm skill * 0.002f * -1) + 1 // 250 charm gives 50% gold discount or 25% influence discount

Future features
- possibly actual shop features (eg. no more infinite items)

Source code